Mines ParisTech: Professional Ranking of World Universities is a University ranking by the French Grande école Mines ParisTech.


The ranking is based on the number of alumni currently holding the post of CEO in one of the 500 largest companies in the world according to the Fortune Global 500 ranking established by the American business magazine Fortune.[1]

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2011 University Ranking

These are the highest ranking 37 institutions (out of 392):

Rank Institution Country
1 Harvard University United StatesUS
2 University of Tokyo JapanJapan
3 Keio University JapanJapan
4 HEC Paris FranceFrance
5 = Kyoto University JapanJapan
5 = University of Oxford United KingdomUK
7 École Polytechnique FranceFrance
8 Waseda University JapanJapan
9 École Nationale d'Administration FranceFrance
10 Seoul National University South KoreaSouth Korea
11 University of Pennsylvania United StatesUS
12 Columbia University United StatesUS
13 = Stanford University United StatesUS
13 = Tohoku University JapanJapan
13 = University of Nottingham United KingdomUK
16 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United StatesUS
17 Sciences Po Paris FranceFrance
18 University of Saint-Gallen SwitzerlandSwitzerland
19 = University of Sao-Paulo BrazilBrazil
19 = Northwestern University United StatesUS
21 = INSEAD FranceFrance
21 = University of Chicago United StatesUS
21 = Mines ParisTech FranceFrance
21 = WU Wien AustriaAustria
25 = Chuo University JapanJapan
25 = Cornell University United StatesUS
25 = Hitotsubashi University JapanJapan
25 = Kobe University JapanJapan
29 University of California, Berkeley United StatesUS
30 = Shandong University Mainland ChinaChina
30 = Bocconi University ItalyItaly
30 = University of Cambridge United KingdomUK
30 = University of Cologne GermanyGermany
34 University of Göttingen GermanyGermany
35 Yale University United StatesUS
36 Purdue University United StatesUS
37 University of Cincinnati United StatesUS

Regional ranking

North America

Rank Institution Country
1 Harvard University  United States
2 University of Pennsylvania  United States
3 Columbia University  United States
4 Stanford University  United States
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  United States
6 Northwestern University  United States
7 University of Chicago  United States
8 Cornell University  United States
9 University of California, Berkeley  United States
10 Yale University  United States
11 Purdue University  United States
12 University of Cincinnati  United States
13 Baylor University  United States
14 Georgia Institute of Technology  United States
15 Queen's University  Canada
16 University of Arizona  United States
17 University of Notre Dame  United States
18 University of Texas at Austin  United States
19 University of Wisconsin–Madison  United States
20 Dartmouth College  United States


Rank Institution Country
1 HEC Paris  France
2 University of Oxford  United Kingdom
3 École Polytechnique  France
4 University of Nottingham  United Kingdom
5 Sciences Po  France
6 University of St. Gallen  Switzerland
7 Mines ParisTech  France
8 Vienna University of Economics and Business  Austria
9 Bocconi University  Italy
10 University of Cambridge  United Kingdom
11 University of Cologne  Germany
12 University of Göttingen  Germany
13 Chalmers University of Technology  Sweden
14 École des ponts ParisTech  France
15 Erasmus University Rotterdam  Netherlands
16 University of Bochum  Germany
17 University of Glasgow  United Kingdom
18 University of Hamburg  Germany
19 University of Manchester  United Kingdom
20 Technical University of Madrid  Spain


This ranking is more international than certain other rankings because it uses the Fortune Global 500. It does not concentrate only on English-speaking countries but also includes Asian, Latin American, and European universities.

The Global Companies Rank Universities[2] by the New York Times is similar to this ranking.


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