Minister of Public Security of
the People's Republic of China
Wang Xiaohong
since 24 June 2022
Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China
StatusProvincial-Ministerial level official
Member ofState Council
(chosen within the Chinese Communist Party)
with the confirmation of the National People's Congress or its Standing Committee
Formation1 October 1949; 74 years ago (1949-10-01)
First holderLuo Ruiqing
DeputyVice Minister of Public Security

The minister of public security is a member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the head of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS). The position reports directly to the head of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission (CPLC) of the Chinese Communist Party. Within the State Council, the position is eight in order of precedence.

The minister is tasked with overseeing the police forces throughout the country.[1] The minister concurrently serves as the director of the MPS Special Duty Bureau, responsible for protecting high-ranking political leaders. The ministers are each awarded the police rank of chief superintendent. The minister also usually serves as a state councillor and as the deputy secretary of the CPLC.[2]

The minister is assisted by several vice ministers. Vice ministers generally serve as the director of the National Immigration Administration, director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, director of the Legal System Bureau and director of the Political Security Bureau.[2]


Officially, the minister is nominated by the premier of the State Council, who is then approved by the National People's Congress or its Standing Committee and appointed by the president.[3][non-primary source needed]

List of ministers

No. Portrait Name From To Premier
1 Luo Ruiqing October 1949 September 1959 Zhou Enlai
2 Xie Fuzhi September 1959 March 1972 Zhou Enlai
3 Li Zhen March 1972 1973 Zhou Enlai
4 Hua Guofeng 1973 March 1977 Zhou Enlai

Hua Guofeng

5 Zhao Cangbi March 1977 April 1983 Hua Guofeng

Zhao Ziyang

6 Liu Fuzhi May 1983 August 1985 Zhao Ziyang
7 Ruan Chongwu September 1985 March 1987 Zhao Ziyang
8 Wang Fang April 1987 November 1990 Zhao Ziyang

Li Peng

9 Tao Siju December 1990 March 1998 Li Peng
10 Jia Chunwang March 1998 December 2002 Li Peng

Zhu Rongji

11 Zhou Yongkang December 2002 October 2007 Zhu Rongji

Wen Jiabao

12 Meng Jianzhu October 2007 December 2012 Wen Jiabao
13 Guo Shengkun December 2012 November 2017 Wen Jiabao

Li Keqiang

14 Zhao Kezhi November 2017 June 2022 Li Keqiang
15 Wang Xiaohong June 2022 incumbent Li Keqiang

Li Qiang


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