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Ministry of Civil Service and Sports
Bundesministerium für öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
Ministry overview
HeadquartersPalais Dietrichstein-Ulfeld
Minoritenplatz 3
48°12′33.3″N 16°21′47.2″E / 48.209250°N 16.363111°E / 48.209250; 16.363111
Minister responsible
  • Vacant

In Austrian politics, the Ministry of Civil Service and Sports (German: Bundesministerium für öffentlichen Dienst und Sport or BMÖDS) is the ministry in charge of public employment law, civil service job training, civil service staff representation, administration management in general, and sports.[1]


Even though the Republic of Austria has always had a large public sector and a considerable number of career civil servants, the country does not usually maintain a dedicated civil service ministry. Traditionally, the interest of Austria's civil servants (Beamte) were protected by their strong union (the Beamtengewerkschaft) and by the fact that civil servants were overrepresented among the upper ranks of every major political party. Public employment policy was set, and public employment law written, by the Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance.

A precursor of the current Ministry called the Ministry of Public Services and Sports (Bundesministerium für öffentliche Leistungen und Sport) was established by the Schüssel I cabinet in 2000, then unceremoniously disestablished by the Schüssel II cabinet in 2003. Its responsibilities were attached to the Chancellery. The Ministry was resurrected under its current name by the Kurz cabinet in 2018.


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As of May 2018, the ministry consists of the Minister and his or her personal staff (Kabinett), the office of the general secretary, and three departments:[2]

The Minister and his or her staff are political appointees; the general secretary and the section heads are career civil servants.


Portrait Name
Term Political Party Government
Took office Left office Duration
Ministry of Civil Service and Sports
(Bundesministerium für öffentlichen Dienst und Sport)
Strache, HeinzHeinz-Christian Strache
(born 1969)
8 January 201822 May 20191 year, 155 daysFPÖKurz
Bogner, JulianeJuliane Bogner-Strauß
(born 1971)
22 May 20193 June 201912 daysÖVPKurz
Müller, EduardEduard Müller
(born 1962)
3 June 2019Incumbent104 daysIndependentBierlein


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