36°07′22″N 115°10′23″W / 36.12277°N 115.17297°W / 36.12277; -115.17297
Mirage-Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Tram
Mirage-treasure island tram en route.jpg
LocaleLas Vegas Strip, Paradise, NV, USA
Transit typeAutomated guideway transit/People mover
Number of lines1
Number of stations2
Began operation1993[1]
Number of vehicles1
Train length2
System length305 m (1,000.7 ft)[1]
Track gaugeguideway
Average speed8m/s[1]
System map
The Mirage-Treasure Island Tram
Treasure Island Hotel and Casino
The Mirage

The Mirage-Treasure Island Tram is a 1,000-foot-long (300 m) people mover connecting the adjacent Las Vegas Strip casinos The Mirage and Treasure Island.[2] The tram takes about 90 seconds to go from one end to the other, and is free to ride.[3]

The tram opened in 1993 along with the opening of the Treasure Island casino.[4] At the time both Treasure Island and The Mirage were owned by Mirage Resorts.


The original plan of connecting the Mirage-Treasure Island Tram with the Aria Express to connect the four hotels that were owned at the time by the same company was foiled when Caesars Palace would not permit the tram to cross its property.[5] The tram runs from the front of the Mirage to the rear of Treasure Island.[6]


The tram consists of a single elevated track, with a single 2-car train running back and forth between the two stations. It uses rubber tyres and is cable hauled.[7] It operates as a fully automated guideway system.[8] The train has a total capacity of 120 passengers. One-way capacity is 1,800 passengers/hour.

The tram was built by VSL and Lift Engineering of Carson City.[1] In 2020 it was extensively overhauled by Jakes associates.[9]

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