Mirari Films
Industry3D / 2D Animation
Visual effects
FounderEric Kaplan
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Brasov, Romania

Mirari Films is an animation and special effects company based in Los Angeles, with facilities in Brasov, Romania.


TV shows

Shows Channel(s) Year
The Adventures of Baxter and McGuire Comedy Central 2006
The Adventures of Digger and Friends Fox Sports 2009
Big Mouth Nickelodeon
The Drinky Crow Show Adult Swim 2007: pilot; 2008–2009
Disgusting People Fox Broadcasting Company
The Gnoufs Foxtel, ABC 2004
Hey It's Fluffy! Comedy Central 2012-2014
King Star King Adult Swim 2013: pilot only.
Mongo Wrestling Alliance Adult Swim 2011
Pair of Kings Disney XD 2010–2013
The Problem Solverz Cartoon Network 2011–2013
The Dogopus The Walt Disney Company
Who's Your Daddy MTV