Mix Megapol is a private Swedish radio network controlled by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. It launched in 1993 under the name Skärgårdsradion (Archipelago Radio). Later that year the name was changed to Radio Megapol when the broadcasting permissions were auctioned out. In 1997 the word "Mix" was added and their slogan became "The best mix of hits and oldies". Mix Megapol is on air in 24 cities from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. They have over two million listeners per week. Their target group is people aged between 25 and 45.


Market Station Owner
AB 01:2 Stockholm Mix Megapol 104,3 Stockholm SBS (through Mix Megapol.se AB)
D 02:2 Eskilstuna Mix Megapol 107,3 Sörmland SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
E 01:2 Linköping Mix Megapol 106,9 Östergötland SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
F 01:1 Jönköping Mix Megapol 105,1 Jönköping SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
F 02:1 Västra Småland Mix Megapol 104,6 Värnamo SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
G 01:2 Växjö Mix Megapol 105,8 Växjö SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
H 01:2 Kalmar/Öland Mix Megapol 105,4 Kalmar län SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
I 01:2 Gotland Radio Four Östersjöns Reklamradio AB
K 01:1 Blekinge Mix Megapol 104,7 Karlskrona SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
M 03:1 Helsingborg Mix Megapol 106,0 Helsingborg SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
M 02:2 Lund Mix Megapol 107,0 Malmö SBS (through Radio City AB)
N 01:1 Halmstad Mix Megapol 104,2 Halland Radio Licence Startup Halland AB
N 02:1 Varberg Mix Megapol 106,5 Varberg Radio Licence Startup Halland AB
O 01:4 Göteborg Mix Megapol 107,3 Göteborg SBS (through Radio City AB)
O 02:1 Norra Bohuslän Mix Megapol 104,2 Bohuslän SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
P 01:1 Borås Mix Megapol 105,5 Borås SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
R 01:1 Skövde Mix Megapol 106,4 Skaraborg SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
S 01:1 Karlstad Mix Megapol 105,4 Karlstad SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
T 01:1 Örebro Mix Megapol 104,7 Örebro SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
U 01:1 Västerås Mix Megapol 106,1 Västmanland Radio Licence Startup Västerås AB
W 01:1 Falun/Borlänge Mix Megapol 105,5 Dalarna SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
W 02:2 Mora/Sälen Mix Megapol 106,8 Mora/Sälen SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
X 01:1 Gävle Mix Megapol 104,9 Gästrikland Rix Gävle/Sandviken KB
X 02:1 Hudiksvall Mix Megapol 105,1 Hälsingland Tryckeri AB Ljusnan
Y 01:1 Sundsvall Mix Megapol 105,5 Sundsvall Media Intressenterna Sundsvall/Härnösand KB
Y 02:1 Örnsköldsvik Mix Megapol 104,8 Örnsköldsvik Radio Ö-vik KB
AC 02:3 Skellefteå Mix Megapol 105,4 Skellefteå SBS (through SBS Radio AB)
AC 01:1 Umeå Mix Megapol 104,2 Umeå Umeå Radiointressenter KB
BD 02:1 Gällivare Mix Megapol 105,2 Gällivare/Kiruna SBS (through SBS Radio AB)

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