Mizuho City Hall
Location of Mizuho in Gifu Prefecture
Coordinates: 35°23′30.5″N 136°41′27.1″E / 35.391806°N 136.690861°E / 35.391806; 136.690861Coordinates: 35°23′30.5″N 136°41′27.1″E / 35.391806°N 136.690861°E / 35.391806; 136.690861
 • MayorToshiaki Tanahashi (since June 2015)
 • Total28.19 km2 (10.88 sq mi)
 (November 30, 2018)
 • Total54,686
 • Density1,900/km2 (5,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
City symbols 
- TreeSakura
- FlowerHydrangea
Phone number058-327-4111
Address1288 Beppu, Mizuho-shi, Gifu-ken 501-0293
WebsiteOfficial website
Ozu Park
Ozu Park

Mizuho (瑞穂, Mizuho-shi) is a city located in Gifu, Japan. As of 30 November 2018, the city had an estimated population of 54,686 and a population density of 1900 persons per km2, in 20866 households.[1] The total area of the city was 28.19 square kilometres (10.88 sq mi).


Mizuno is located in south-west Gifu Prefecture in the northwestern part of the Nōbi Plain, sandwiched between the cities of Gifu and Ogaki. The Nagara River and the Ibi River flow through the city. Mizuho is surrounded by the city of Seki to the west, south and east, and by the city of Gujō to the north.


The city has a climate characterized by characterized by hot and humid summers, and mild winters (Köppen climate classification Cfa). The average annual temperature in Mizuho is 15.1 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1942 mm with September as the wettest month. The temperatures are highest on average in August, at around 27.9 °C, and lowest in January, at around 4.1 °C.[2]

Neighbouring municipalities


Per Japanese census data,[3] the population of Mizuho has increased rapidly over the past 40 years..

Census Year Population
1970 21,236
1980 32,247
1990 40,074
2000 46,571
2010 51,950


The area around Mizuho was part of traditional Mino Province. During the Edo period, Mieji-juku prospered as a post station: on the Nakasendo highway connecting Edo with Kyoto. Under the Tokugawa shogunate, most of the area of Mizuho was part of Ogaki Domain or was tenryō territory administered by various hatamoto. In the post-Meiji restoration cadastral reforms, Motosu District in Gifu prefecture was created, and with the establishment of the modern municipalities system on July 1, 1889 the town of Kozuchi was created. The modern city of Mizuho was established on May 1, 2003, from the merger of the towns of Hozumi (穂積) and Sunami (巣南).[4] (both from Motosu District).


Mizuho has a mayor-council form of government with a directly elected mayor and a unicameral city legislature of 18 members.


Universities, Colleges

Primary and secondary education

Mizuho has seven public elementary schools and three public middle schools operated by the city government. The city does not have a high school.





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