Montgomery Grey Sox
Montgomery, Alabama
League affiliation(s)

The Montgomery Grey Sox were a Negro Southern League (NSL) baseball team based in Montgomery, Alabama. While the NSL was regarded as a minor league throughout most of its existence, with the collapse of the first Negro National League in 1932, the league is considered a major league for that one season.

When the team started with the Negro Southern League in 1920, they were headed by John Staples, named the president of the club.[1] Staples even stepped in to umpire a game during the 1920 season.[1] The team was managed that year by Henry Hannon, who also played first base[2] and other positions during the first season.

In 1920 the Grey Sox made it into the league pennant race with a 3-0 perfect game win over Atlanta.[3]

In 1920, the Grey Sox played in Southside Park.[4]

Several players who had previously played the club stayed with the team when the NSL became a major league in 1932, including Paul Hardy, Matthew Jackson, Felix Manning and Everett Nelson.[5]


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