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Aurunci Mountains
Monti Sabini.jpg
Location of the range in Italy
Highest point
PeakMonte Tancia
Elevation1,292 m (4,239 ft)
EtymologyAncient tribal name
Native nameMonti Aurunci  (Italian)
DistrictRome, Rieti
Parent rangeApennine Mountains
Borders onTiber, Nera, Velino, Turano, Aniene.

The Monti Sabini is a mountain range in the Apennines of Latium, central Italy.

It is located in a North-South direction between the Monti Reatini at the east and the Tiber valley at the west. The upper section is the Monti Sabini proper, on the boundary between Latium and Umbria, and the Monti Lucretili sub-range, on the boundary between the province of Rieta and the Metropolitan City of Rome. The two sub-ranges are separated by the plain and hilly areas of the Sabina.

Coordinates: 42°13′N 12°50′E / 42.217°N 12.833°E / 42.217; 12.833