Moose Pond
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Moose Pond, Spring 2009.
Location of the lake in Maine.
Location of the lake in Maine.
Moose Pond
LocationCumberland County and Oxford County, Maine
Coordinates43°58′18″N 70°48′31″W / 43.97167°N 70.80861°W / 43.97167; -70.80861Coordinates: 43°58′18″N 70°48′31″W / 43.97167°N 70.80861°W / 43.97167; -70.80861
Max. length13 miles (21 km)
Surface area1,697 acres (6.87 km2)
Average depth20 feet (6.1 m)
Max. depth80 feet (24 m)
Water volume30,722 acre-feet (37,895,000 m3)
Surface elevation418 feet (127 m)

Moose Pond is located in the towns of Bridgton, Denmark and Sweden, in the state of Maine. Camp Winona, a camp for boys, Camp Wyonegonic, a camp for girls, and Shawnee Peak Ski Area, a ski resort, are located on the lake.



The lake supports landlocked salmon and lake trout in the middle basin. The pond also supports populations of largemouth bass, has Maine's record 11 lb large mouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, white perch, chain pickerel, hornpout, rainbow smelt, white sucker, fallfish, golden shiners, pumpkinseed sunfish and slimy sculpin.[2]


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