Moritz Stefaner
OccupationComputer scientist

Moritz Stefaner is a German data visualization specialist. He is notable for his work for organisations like the OECD, the World Economic Forum, Skype, dpa, and Max Planck Research Society.[1] Stefaner is a multiple winner of the Kantar Information is Beautiful awards.[2] His data visualisation work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture and Ars Electronica.[1] He has contributed to Beautiful Visualisation[3] published by Springer and was interviewed for the books New Challenges for Data Design published by Springer[4] and Alberto Cairo's The Functional Art.[5]

One of Stefaner's most widely known works is the visualisation of the OECD Better Life Index.[6] Among other notable projects is his interactive installation On Broadway,[7] his work for the FIFA,[8] and his design of the new OECD data portal.[9]

With Enrico Bertini, he produces Data Stories, a podcast on data visualization.[10][11] Stefaner studied Cognitive Science (B.Sc., University of Osnabrück) and Interface Design (M.A., University of Applied Sciences Potsdam).[1] He lives in Lilienthal, Germany.


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