Virginia V, last of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet

The term Mosquito Fleet has had a variety of naval and commercial uses around the world.

United States

In U.S. naval and maritime history, the term has had several meanings:

South Australia

Main article: Mosquito Fleet (South Australia)

The term "Mosquito Fleet" also refers to the fleet of small ketches and schooners operating in the shallow coastal and gulf waters of South Australia, from 1836 to 1982.[3]


Main article: Mosquito Fleet (Johnstone River, Queensland)

In the early days of settlement at Geraldton (now Innisfail), the Johnstone River had a sand bar at the mouth and several shallow stretches in the river. The problem of large ships being unable to enter the river made it difficult for bags of sugar from the district sugar mills to be transported to southern refineries. To overcome this problem, shallow draft steam ships and lighters were used to carry the bags of sugar out to meet larger ships. The small ships became known as "The Mosquito Fleet".


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