Mother Earth Living
EditorJean Denney
Total circulation
First issueMay 1999 (1999-May)
CompanyOgden Publications
CountryUnited States
Based inTopeka, Kansas

Mother Earth Living (previously Natural Home & Garden)[1] is an American bimonthly magazine about sustainable homes and lifestyle published by Ogden Publications. The headquarters is in Topeka, Kansas.[2]

Acquisition and rebranding

In 2012, Ogden Publications re-branded Natural Home & Garden as Mother Earth Living after the merger with the more popular magazine The Herb Companion[3] and re-directed the domain to

In 2006, Ogden Publications acquired Natural Home.[4] Editor-in-chief Robyn Griggs Lawrence explained:

Natural Home started out in 1999 with a much stronger focus on building new homes with alternative materials such as straw bales and adobe, and technologies such as solar power. That focus was unique and cutting-edge — and there was no shortage of material to cover. Problem was, there just weren’t enough hip readers to make a sustainable magazine. After five years of circulation that’s barely reached six digits, the painful truth is that we now must reach beyond the boundaries of the eco-conscious consumer markets (Boulder, Berkeley, and Burlington), or we simply can’t afford to make the magazine anymore. From the beginning, our overarching mission has been to bring green, healthy homes and lifestyles to a mainstream audience; we have to be more accessible.[1]

The magazine was revamped in 2005 and includes a column on eco-conscious money management, a "Try This" easy home projects section, and more articles on food, decorating, gardening, and remodeling.


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