This list contains mottos of Norwegian institutions. Norway does not have a state motto; however, the personal motto of the reigning monarch can be said to fill some of that function. The motto of the three last monarchs has been Alt for Norge which translates roughly as All for Norway. The motto was first chosen by King Haakon VII and immortalised as the rallying motto of the Norwegian resistance against the German occupation of Norway. It is not common for Norwegian municipalities or government agencies to have mottos.


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Each reigning monarch chooses his personal motto; however, the last three kings have all chosen "Alt for Norge".

Government institutions

Institution Motto (in original language) English translation
Norwegian Food Safety Authority Fra land og fjord til bord From land and sea to table
Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration Vi gir mennesker muligheter We give people opportunities


Institution Motto (in original language) English translation
Norwegian Military Academy Si vis pacem, para bellum If you want peace, prepare for war
Norwegian Army 2nd Battalion In hoc Signo Vinces In This, Be Victorious
His Majesty The King's Guard Alt for Kongen All for the King
Arctic Ranger Company Agmine Consectamur We hunt in packs
Norwegian Army Armoured Battalion Bitit Fyrst Strike First
Norwegian Artillery battalion Gjør rett, frykt ingen Do right, fear no one
6th Division Styrke for fred, evne til strid Strength for peace, capability for war
Norwegian Home Guard Verner - Vokter - Virker Protects - Guards - Acts
No. 330 Squadron RNoAF Trygg havet Make the ocean safe


Institution Motto (in original language) English translation
Aurland Det naturlege valet [1] The natural choice
Fjaler Eit ope samfunn [1] An open community
Flora Der himmel og hav møtast [1] Where heaven and sea meet
Rauma Verdens beste kommune for naturglade mennesker [1] The world's best municipality for nature-loving people
Tønsberg Der fremtiden skapes [2] Where the future is made
Vågsøy Vekst og trivsel [1] Growth and enjoyment


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