IndustryConsumer products
FounderJean Mantelet
ParentGroupe SEB

Moulinex is a Groupe SEB brand along with Rowenta, Calor, All-Clad, Lagostina, Krups, and Tefal, all household products brands. The company designed and produced the Mouli grater. The company was founded by Jean Mantelet who in 1932 invented the Moulin-Légumes, a hand-crank food mill for puréeing vegetables. The design is considered an early forerunner to the modern food processor.[1][2]

Mantelet's business plan was to "choose an industrial sector with a future, use mass production, keep prices low, manufacture in regions where salaries are low, reduce costs, reduce dependencies on suppliers, and focus on research and publicity". Between 1929 and 1953 Mantelet applied for 93 patents.[3]

Moulinex mixer (1955)
Ario Relift coffee grinder (1968)
Multi Mouli-Grater 442 with 3 drums (1970s)
PA1A juice squeezer


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