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Mt. Tsukuba Cable Car funicular
Mt. Tsukuba Cable Car funicular

The Mount Tsukuba Cable Car (筑波山ケーブルカー, Tsukubasan Kēburukā), officially the Mount Tsukuba Cable Railway Line (筑波山鋼索鉄道線, Tsukubasan Kōsaku Tetsudō-sen), is a Japanese funicular line on Mount Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki. It is the only funicular line Tsukuba Kankō Railway (筑波観光鉄道, Tsukuba Kankō Tetsudō, "Tsukuba Sightseeing Railway") operates, while it also operates an aerial tramway, hotels and restaurants. The company belongs to Keisei Group.

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Coordinates: 36°13′11″N 140°06′15″E / 36.21972°N 140.10417°E / 36.21972; 140.10417