Mu Phi Epsilon
FoundedNovember 13, 1903; 118 years ago (November 13, 1903)
Metropolitan College of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio
MottoSeeketh not its own
Colors  Purple and   White
PublicationThe Triangle
Chapters227 collegiate chapters, 113 alumni chapters
Headquarters1611 County Rd. B West
Suite 320

St. Paul, MN 55113
United States

Mu Phi Epsilon (ΜΦΕ) is a co-ed international professional music fraternity. It has over 75,000 members in 227 collegiate chapters and 113 alumni chapters in the US and abroad.


Mu Phi Epsilon was founded on November 13, 1903 at the Metropolitan College of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio by Dr. Winthrop Sterling, a professor at the school and a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity, and Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua, his 19-year-old assistant, as a way of recognizing the musicianship and scholarship of those eligible. The first chapter, named the Alpha chapter, included eight women.

Originally chartered as a national music sorority, it changed its status in 1936 to become an honor society, and again in 1944 to function as a professional music sorority. Its status once again changed in 1962 to that of an international music sorority, following the installation of the Alpha Tau chapter at the Philippine Women's University in Manila. Federal regulations (specifically Title IX) in the early 1970s opened all such societies to coeducational membership. In 1977, its official status changed for the final time to a co-ed professional music fraternity.[1]

Mu Phi Epsilon has chapters worldwide. The fraternity supports achievement in music through the awarding of grants and scholarships, as well as music competitions, concerts, and summer music programs. Much of this work has been supported by the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, an organization that has been in existence since 1963, as well as by fundraising and donations.

Mu Phi Epsilon maintains communication with its members through The Triangle, the official quarterly journal of the fraternity. Materials appropriate for publication include articles on any phase of music education; scholarly articles reflecting research in the various fields of music; articles on pedagogy, performance, biography, or music therapy; and feature articles centering on the outstanding accomplishments of members.

Notable Mu Phi Epsilon members include, among many others, performers such as Leone Buyse, Stephanie Chase, Joyce DiDonato, Alma Gluck, Marilyn Horne, Alice Nielsen, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, and Shirley Verrett; composers such as Hansi Alt, Amy Beach, Cécile Chaminade, Emma Lou Diemer, Nancy Plummer Faxon, Jessie Gaynor, Carrie Jacobs-Bond, Virginia Kendrick, Blythe Owen, Zenobia Powell Perry, Deon Nielsen Price, Williametta Spencer, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Viola Van Katwijk, June Weybright Jean E. Williams, Ruth Shaw Wylie, and Chen Yi; and other notable musicians including TV personality Diane Bish, music educators Hazel Gertrude Kinschella and Rosalie Speciale, and music librarian Ruth Watanabe. Mu Phi Epsilon also recognizes its stellar members through the ACME honorific (Artists, Composers, Musicologists, and Educators), awarded to members who are distinguished in their field.[2]

Aims and Purposes

In its own words, the fraternity aims for the advancement of music throughout the world and promotes scholarship, musicianship, and friendship, along with encouraging each member's loyalty to their Alma Mater. Beyond that, members of Mu Phi are to provide support for music in the community in whatever way possible. The International Bylaws of Mu Phi Epsilon state that its aim is "the advancement of music in the community, nation, and world through promotion of musicianship, scholarship, therapy, and music education, with an emphasis on service through music."

It is a part of the National Interfraternity Music Council, which includes six other fraternities: Delta Omicron, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Beta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Tau Beta Sigma. It also carries affiliations with many other national and international organizations that provide support for music,[3] including:


Membership is limited to music majors and minors, music faculty not already initiated as members in another professional music fraternity, and musicians of achievement who have never joined a professional music fraternity and who desire membership through Special Election of active chapter members. Members are drawn from a diverse range of musical fields, including education, performance, therapy, and technology. Members of Mu Phi Epsilon are not permitted to be involved in the music fraternities Delta Omicron, Phi Beta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, or Sigma Alpha Iota, but may join the band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi or band sorority Tau Beta Sigma.[4] They are also free to join a social Greek house.

Those seeking membership must first ensure that they meet the academic requirements for members of Mu Phi Epsilon. Candidates will then go through a process that involves several activities. This process is intended to get candidates better acquainted with the members, as well as to give them the knowledge about the fraternity that all members should know. Activities may include, but are not limited to, service projects, fundraising, music making, and other forms of outreach. This process can vary slightly from chapter to chapter based upon local tradition, but the essentials of it remain the same. Once through this process, candidates enjoy full membership in Mu Phi Epsilon as long as they remain in good standing academically and professionally.

Chapters and Administration

Collegiate chapters continued taking their names from the original Alpha chapter, progressing through the Greek alphabet and then used the prefixes Mu, Phi, and Epsilon. This was then followed by using the other prefixes of the Greek alphabet in alphabetical order, beginning with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and so on. As of 2016, the prefix Eta is used for new chapters. International chapters have been Alpha Tau (Philippine Women's University, 1962), Beta Xi (University of the Philippines, 1967,) and Delta Iota (University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1990).

Since 1903, 227 chapters of Mu Phi Epsilon have been installed on college campuses, and 113 alumni chapters have been established in cities near those colleges. After graduation or leaving school, the collegiate members are encouraged to affiliate with a nearby alumni chapter or with the International Fraternity as an Affiliated Member.

The administration of Mu Phi Epsilon is made up of three main bodies: The executive board, the Foundation, and the district directors. The executive board is made up of eight people, including the President (currently Rosemary Ames), five vice presidents, the executive secretary-treasurer, and the editor of The Triangle. The Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation was established for the benefit of philanthropic projects suitable to commemorate the aims and purposes of the Fraternity. Finally, the district directors are appointed to oversee the Fraternity chapters in geographical divisions of the United States. They meet personally with the collegiates and alumni, answer questions, give support, and help them work through problems. Currently, the collegiate and alumni chapters are divided into twelve Provinces and thirty-five districts within those provinces.

List of Collegiate Chapters

Mu Phi Epsilon has established 227 collegiate chapters in its history. If a candidate for membership does not have a collegiate chapter geographically accessible to them, they may be initiated under the name of the Omega Omega Chapter. Any questions regarding a specific chapter, regardless of its status, can be directed to the Mu Phi Epsilon Extension Officer.

Chapter Name Institution Location Date of Installation Chapter Status
Alpha Metropolitan College of Music Cincinnati, OH November 13, 1903 Closed
Beta New England Conservatory Boston, MA December 13, 1903 Inactive
Gamma University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI May 20, 1904 Inactive
Delta Detroit Conservatory of Music Detroit, MI March 1, 1905 Closed
Eta Syracuse University Syracuse, NY December 8, 1905 Closed
Epsilon University of Toledo Toledo, OH December 9, 1905 Active
Zeta DePauw University Greencastle, IN December 9, 1905 Inactive
Theta Krueger School of Music St. Louis, MO October 17, 1906 Closed
Iota Chicago Conservatory of Music Chicago, IL October 19, 1906 Closed
Kappa Butler University Indianapolis, IN November 3, 1906 Active
Lambda Ithaca College Ithaca, NY February 19, 1909 Active
Iota Alpha Chicago Musical College Chicago, IL April 5, 1910 Closed
Mu Brenau University Gainesville, GA February 6, 1911 Active
Nu University of Oregon Eugene, OR March 3, 1911 Active
Xi University of Kansas Lawrence, KS April 12, 1911 Inactive
Omicron Comb's Broad Street Conservatory Philadelphia, PA February 7, 1912 Closed
Pi Lawrence Conservatory of Music Appleton, WI May 29, 1912 Closed
Rho Von Unschuld University of Music Washington, D.C. February 5, 1914 Closed
Sigma Northwestern University Evanston, IL February 9, 1914 Closed
Tau University of Washington Seattle, WA May 12, 1915 Inactive
Upsilon University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH May 15, 1915 Closed
Phi University of Mount Union Alliance, OH May 15, 1915 Active
Chi Pennsylvania College of Music Meadville, PA May 18, 1915 Closed
Psi Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA May 30, 1915 Closed
Omega Drake University Des Moines, IA October 27, 1917 Inactive
Mu Alpha Simpson College Indianola, IA October 27, 1917 Inactive
Rho Beta Washington School of Music Washington, D.C. January 2, 1918 Closed
Mu Beta Washington State University Pullman, WA February 13, 1919 Active
Mu Gamma University of Nebraska, Lincoln Lincoln, NE March 27, 1919 Inactive
Mu Delta Homer Institute of Fine Arts Kansas City, MO March 29, 1919 Closed
Mu Epsilon MacPhail College of Music Minneapolis, MN April 12, 1920 Closed
Mu Eta University of the Pacific Stockton, CA November 13, 1920 Active
Mu Zeta Whitman College Walla Walla, WA November 20, 1920 Inactive
Mu Theta University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX November 27, 1920 Active
Mu Iota Columbia School of Music Chicago, IL June 5, 1921 Closed
Mu Kappa University of Oklahoma Norman, OK May 30, 1922 Inactive
Mu Lambda University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison, WI December 2, 1922 Closed
Mu Mu Kansas State University Manhattan, KS December 19, 1922 Inactive
Mu Nu University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA January 5, 1923 Inactive
Mu Xi American Conservatory of Music Chicago, IL January 20, 1923 Inactive
Mu Omicron University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH May 17, 1923 Closed
Mu Pi Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, OH May 20, 1923 Active
Mu Rho Wolcott Conservatory of Music Denver, CO May 31, 1923 Closed
Mu Sigma University of Louisville Louisville, KY March 5, 1924 Closed
Mu Tau University of South Dakota Vermillion, SD May 30, 1924 Inactive
Mu Upsilon Eastman School of Music Rochester, NY February 28, 1925 Active
Mu Theta Gamma University Conservatory of Music Austin, TX January 22, 1926 Closed
Mu Phi Baldwin Wallace University Berea, OH February 26, 1926 Active
Mu Chi Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX May 15, 1926 Inactive
Mu Psi Coe College Cedar Rapids, IA May 22, 1926 Active
Tau Alpha Trigonus New York City, NY October 18, 1926 Closed
Mu Omega Atlanta Conservatory of Music Atlanta, GA November 13, 1926 Closed
Phi Alpha University of Miami Coral Gables, FL June 4, 1927 Closed
Phi Beta University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN June 4, 1927 Closed
Phi Gamma Peabody Institute Baltimore, MD June 11, 1927 Inactive
Phi Delta University of Missouri Columbia, MO May 19, 1928 Closed
Phi Epsilon Emporia State University Emporia, KS March 16, 1929 Closed
Phi Zeta Morningside College Sioux City, IA November 9, 1929 Inactive
Phi Eta Michigan State University Lansing, MI January 10, 1931 Closed
Phi Theta Lindenwood University St, Charles, MO November 30, 1932 Closed
Phi Iota Concordia College Moorhead, MN May 27, 1935 Inactive
Phi Kappa Wayne State University Detroit, MI November 17, 1935 Active
Phi Lambda Willamette University Salem, OR April 5, 1938 Active
Phi Mu San José State University San José, CA April 9, 1938 Active
Phi Nu University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA April 12, 1938 Inactive
Mu Iota Delta Chicago Conservatory of Music Chicago, IL June 29, 1938 Closed
Phi Xi Baylor University Waco, TX May 27, 1939 Active
Phi Omicron Cleveland Institute of Music Cleveland, OH June 17, 1939 Closed
Phi Pi Wichita State University Wichita, KN June 22, 1941 Active
Phi Rho Minneapolis College of Music Minneapolis, MN May 20, 1944 Closed
Phi Sigma DePaul University Chicago, IL June 11, 1944 Inactive
Phi Tau University of North Texas Denton, TX March 22, 1945 Active
Phi Upsilon Boston University Boston, MA March 24, 1945 Closed
Phi Phi University of Kansas City Kansas City, MO April 26, 1945 Closed
Phi Chi California State University, Fresno Fresno, CA November 4, 1945 Inactive
Phi Psi University of Mary Washington Fredericksburg, VA March 2, 1946 Inactive
Phi Omega Westminster College New Wilmington, PA April 6, 1946 Active
Epsilon Alpha St. Catherine University St. Paul, MN May 10, 1946 Inactive
Epsilon Beta Queens University of Charlotte Charlotte, NC May 18, 1946 Closed
Epsilon Gamma Belhaven University Jackson, MS February 27, 1947 Inactive
Epsilon Delta Lewis and Clark College Portland, OR March 29, 1947 Inactive
Epsilon Epsilon Texas Christian University Fort Worth, TX May 21, 1948 Active
Epsilon Zeta Hendrix College Conway, AR May 23, 1948 Closed
Epsilon Eta Pepperdine University Malibu, CA November 13, 1948 Closed
Epsilon Theta Linfield College McMinnville, OR March 19, 1949 Inactive
Epsilon Iota Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA March 23, 1949 Inactive
Epsilon Lambda Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI April 23, 1950 Active
Epsilon Kappa Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL May 20, 1950 Inactive
Epsilon Mu University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT May 27, 1950 Inactive
Epsilon Nu West Virginia University Morgantown, WV May 28, 1950 Inactive
Epsilon Xi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL April 22, 1951 Inactive
Epsilon Omicron Indiana University, Bloomington Bloomington, IN October 13, 1951 Inactive
Epsilon Pi Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX March 3, 1952 Active
Epsilon Rho University of Montana Missoula, MN November 15, 1952 Inactive
Epsilon Sigma Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, WA February 7, 1953 Active
Epsilon Tau Washington University St. Louis, MO April 25, 1953 Inactive
Epsilon Upsilon Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA May 23, 1953 Active
Epsilon Phi Friends University Wichita, KS May 30, 1953 Active
Epsilon Chi Brigham Young University Provo, Utah May 14, 1955 Closed
Epsilon Psi The Juilliard School New York, NY May 21, 1955 Inactive
Epsilon Omega San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA October 15, 1955 Inactive
Alpha Alpha University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH November 13, 1955 Inactive
Alpha Beta University of Hartford West Hartford, CT May 20, 1956 Closed
Alpha Gamma University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS April 28, 1957 Inactive
Alpha Delta California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA May 4, 1958 Active
Alpha Epsilon Holy Names University Oakland, CA March 1, 1959 Inactive
Alpha Zeta Radford University Radford, VA March 6, 1959 Active
Alpha Eta American University Washington, D.C. March 14, 1959 Closed
Alpha Theta Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA May 16, 1959 Inactive
Alpha Iota Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, TX May 30, 1959 Inactive
Alpha Kappa University of Missouri, Kansas City Kansas City, MO November 13, 1959 Active
Alpha Lambda Portland State University Portland, OR November 15, 1959 Inactive
Alpha Mu Missouri State University Springfield, MO April 24, 1960 Active
Alpha Nu West Texas A&M University Canyon, TX April 30, 1960 Active
Alpha Xi University of North Carolina, Greensboro Greensboro, NC January 12, 1961 Active
Alpha Omicron Roosevelt University Chicago, IL January 15, 1961 Inactive
Alpha Pi Texas State University San Marcos, TX October 29, 1961 Active
Alpha Rho Phillips University Enid, OK February 25, 1962 Closed
Alpha Sigma Abilene Christian University Abilene, TX March 31, 1962 Inactive
Alpha Tau Philippine Women's University Manila, Philippines November 13, 1962 Inactive
Alpha Upsilon Furman University Greenville, SC April 25, 1963 Inactive
Alpha Phi Marylhurst University Marylhurst, OR May 11, 1963 Closed
Alpha Chi Southwestern College Winfield, KS March 8, 1964 Inactive
Alpha Psi Whitworth College Spokane, WA February 28, 1965 Inactive
Alpha Omega Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, TX April 4, 1965 Active
Beta Alpha California State University, Fullerton Fullerton, CA April 10, 1965 Active
Beta Beta Jacksonville University Jacksonville, FL April 20, 1965 Inactive
Beta Gamma University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL November 20, 1965 Inactive
Beta Delta University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA December 4, 1965 Inactive
Beta Epsilon Nazareth College Rochester, NY January 15, 1966 Closed
Beta Zeta Southern University Baton Rouge, LA April 23, 1966 Active
Beta Eta California State University, East Bay Hayward, CA May 14, 1966 Active
Beta Theta Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, TN May 29, 1966 Active
Beta Iota Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Edwardsville, IL January 7, 1967 Inactive
Beta Kappa Trinity University San Antonio, TX January 14, 1967 Active
Beta Lambda California State University, Chico Chico, CA February 11, 1967 Inactive
Beta Mu Texas A&M University, Commerce Commerce, TX May 22, 1967 Active
Beta Xi University of the Philippines Quezon City, Philippines October 22, 1967 Inactive
Beta Nu Dickinson State University Dickinson, ND November 11, 1967 Inactive
Beta Omicron Western Illinois University Macomb, IL February 16, 1968 Active
Beta Pi Nebraska Wesleyan University Lincoln, NE February 18, 1968 Active
Beta Rho Wartburg College Waverly, IA October 12, 1968 Closed
Beta Sigma Western Oregon University Monmouth, OR November 24, 1968 Inactive
Beta Tau Georgia State University Atlanta, GA January 18, 1969 Closed
Beta Upsilon Towson University Baltimore, MD February 16, 1969 Closed
Beta Phi Seattle Pacific University Seattle, WA October 26, 1969 Inactive
Beta Chi Florida State University Tallahassee, FL November 9, 1969 Inactive
Beta Psi University of Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN November 23, 1969 Active
Beta Omega Ball State University Muncie, IN December 7, 1969 Inactive
Gamma Alpha Evangel College Springfield, MO May 2, 1971 Inactive
Gamma Beta Augustana University Sioux Falls, SD March 4, 1972 Closed
Gamma Gamma Southwestern Oklahoma State University Weatherford, OK March 25, 1972 Active
Gamma Delta University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley Edinburg, TX April 29, 1972 Inactive
Gamma Epsilon Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK May 2, 1972 Inactive
Gamma Zeta Delta State University Clevelend, MS May 26, 1972 Active
Gamma Eta Central State University Wilberforce, OH November 18, 1972 Active
Gamma Theta University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, CT March 3, 1973 Closed
Gamma Iota Dallas Baptist University Dallas, TX May 19, 1973 Closed
Gamma Kappa Boise State University Boise, ID November 6, 1973 Inactive
Gamma Lambda Loretto Heights College Denver, CO February 16, 1974 Closed
Gamma Mu University of California, Riverside Riverside, CA March 24, 1974 Closed
Gamma Nu Chicago State University Chicago, IL April 21, 1974 Inactive
Gamma Xi University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA May 15, 1974 Closed
Gamma Pi Shorter University Rome, GA February 1, 1975 Inactive
Gamma Omicron Olivet College Olivet, MI February 2, 1965 Closed
Gamma Rho North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, NC February 2, 1966 Inactive
Gamma Sigma California State University, Dominguez Hills Carson, CA May 8, 1976 Active
Gamma Tau University of St. Thomas Houston, TX December 5, 1976 Inactive
Gamma Upsilon Caldwell University Caldwell, NJ March 13, 1977 Closed
Gamma Phi Cleveland State University Cleveland, OH March 16, 1977 Inactive
Gamma Chi California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Pomona, CA June 17, 1978 Inactive
Gamma Psi St. Mary-of-the-Woods College St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN May 6, 1979 Inactive
Gamma Omega Rhode Island College Providence, RI May 1, 1982 Inactive
Delta Alpha California State University, Stanislaus Turlock, CA December 4, 1982 Inactive
Delta Beta University of Texas, San Antonio San Antonio, TX January 15, 1983 Closed
Delta Gamma Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI April 20, 1983 Inactive
Delta Delta University of Maryland, College Park College Park, MD February 5, 1984 Inactive
Delta Epsilon Columbus State University Columbus, GA June 7, 1984 Inactive
Delta Zeta Emory University Atlanta, GA April 22, 1987 Inactive
Delta Eta University of North Florida Jacksonville, FL April 24, 1988 Inactive
Delta Theta Ohio Northern University Ada, OH October 15, 1989 Closed
Delta Iota University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada February 3, 1990 Inactive
Delta Kappa Cumberland College Williamsburg, KY February 10, 1991 Inactive
Delta Lambda Augsburg College Minneapolis, MN September 22, 1991 Inactive
Delta Mu Slippery Rock University Slippery Rock, PA May 8, 1994 Active
Delta Nu Millsaps College Jackson, MI February 7, 1998 Inactive
Delta Xi Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona April 18, 1998 Inactive
Delta Omicron Sailsbury State University Salisbury, MD May 2, 1998 Inactive
Delta Pi Tarelton State University Stephenville, TX May 14, 1998 Active
Delta Rho University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder, CO February 27, 2000 Active
Delta Sigma University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA June 3, 2000 Active
Delta Tau Mercer University Macon, GA April 21, 2001 Active
Delta Upsilon State University of New York, Geneseo Geneseo, NY May 5, 2001 Inactive
Delta Phi Averett University Danville, VA April 22, 2002 Inactive
Delta Chi McNeese State University Lake Charles, LA March 28, 2003 Inactive
Delta Psi Clayton State University Morrow, GA April 26, 2003 Inactive
Delta Omega Our Lady of the Lake University San Antonio, TX March 27, 2004 Inactive
Zeta Alpha Williams Baptist University Walnut Ridge, AR April 5, 2005 Active
Zeta Beta Cameron University Lawton, OK April 23, 2005 Active
Zeta Gamma Augusta State University Augusta, GA May 11, 2006 Inactive
Zeta Delta University of La Verne La Verne, CA March 3, 2007 Inactive
Zeta Zeta Elon University Elon, NC November 5, 2008 Active
Zeta Eta Binghamton University Binghamton, NY November 12, 2008 Active
Zeta Theta Lynchburg College Lynchburg, VA April 28, 2009 Active
Zeta Epsilon Randolph-Macon College Ashland, VA April 29, 2009 Active
Zeta Iota LaGrange College LaGrange, GA January 25, 2011 Inactive
Zeta Kappa Young Harris College Young Harris, GA April 5, 2011 Active
Zeta Lambda Waldorf College Forest City, IA April 13, 2011 Inactive
Zeta Mu Texas A&M University College Station, TX April 16, 2011 Inactive
Zeta Nu St, Mary's University San Antonio, TX April 22, 2012 Inactive
Zeta Xi Howard University Washington, D.C. October 28, 2012 Inactive
Zeta Omicron Reinhardt University Waleska, GA November 28, 2012 Active
Zeta Pi Lake Forest College Lake Forest, IL December 8, 2012 Inactive
Zeta Rho University of Minnesota, Duluth Duluth, MN March 9, 2013 Inactive
Zeta Sigma High Point University High Point, NC April 7, 2013 Inactive
Zeta Tau Gonzaga University Spokane, WA April 17, 2013 Inactive
Zeta Upsilon Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA December 8, 2013 Inactive
Zeta Phi University of North Carolina, Wilmington Wilmington, NC April 11, 2014 Inactive
Zeta Chi George Fox University Newberg, OR April 19, 2015 Inactive
Zeta Psi University of San Diego San Diego, CA May 2, 2015 Inactive
Zeta Omega Illinois College Jacksonville, IL April 3, 2016 Active
Eta Alpha Rhodes College Memphis, TN October 11, 2016 Active
Eta Beta Boston Conservatory at Berklee Boston, MA December 4, 2016 Inactive
Eta Gamma Virginia Wesleyan University Norfolk, VA May 2, 2017 Active
Eta Delta Ripon College Ripon, WI April 20, 2018 Active
Eta Epsilon Florida International University Miami, FL January 19, 2019 Active
Eta Eta Oglethorpe University Atlanta, GA September 21, 2019 Active
Omega Omega

List of Alumni Chapters

Mu Phi Epsilon has established 113 alumni chapters in its history. Any questions regarding a specific chapter, regardless of its status, can be directed to the Mu Phi Epsilon Extension Officer.

Chapter Name State Date of Installation Chapter Status
Albuquerque NM May 31, 1959 Closed
Alliance OH June 22, 1933 Active
Amarillo TX September 24, 1967 Closed
Ann Arbor MI September 22, 1913 Active
Appleton WI November 5, 1927 Closed
Atlanta GA May 24, 1959 Active
Austin TX December 14, 1959 Active
Baltimore MD December 1, 1956 Closed
Baton Rouge LA August 28, 2013 Active
Beach Cities South CA May 26, 1953 Inactive
Berkeley CA November 1, 1959 Inactive
Beverly Hills CA December 8, 1946 Inactive
Bloomington IN January 14, 1962 Inactive
Boston MA January 7, 1920 Active
Cedar Rapids IA February 12, 1952 Inactive
Central Chicago IL October 20, 1956 Inactive
Central Oklahoma OK June 5, 1948 Active
Chicago IL November 13, 1917 Closed
Chicago Southwest IL October 13, 1968 Merged with Greater Chicago
Cincinnati OH April 14, 1914 Inactive
Claremont CA January 17, 1976 Inactive
Cleveland OH November 13, 1923 Active
Cleveland Heights OH March 5, 1958 Merged with Cleveland in 2014
Colorado Springs CO September 23, 2012 Active
Columbia MO October 17, 1952 Closed
Columbus OH October 15, 1950 Closed
Connecticut Valley CT October 15, 1955 Closed
Dallas TX February 26, 1931 Active
Dayton OH March 2, 1958 Inactive
Denton TX April 16, 1966 Active
Denver CO June 16, 1936 Active
Des Moines IA August, 1922 Inactive
Detroit MI May 2, 1916 Active
Dickinson ND May 3, 1981 Inactive
Edinburg Area TX April 26, 1980 Closed
Emporia KS October 14, 1967 Closed
Enid OK May 12, 1974 Closed
Eugene OR May 2, 1952 Inactive
Evansville IN December 16, 1952 Closed
Fargo ND January 22, 1958 Inactive
Fort Worth TX February 29, 1952 Closed
Fresno CA June 2, 1956 Active
Fullerton CA September 27, 1963 Active
Gainesville GA November 13, 1959 Inactive
Greater Chicago Area IL June 2, 1948 Inactive
Greater Minneapolis-Day MN March, 1923 Merged with Minneapolis/St. Paul
Greater Minneapolis-Evening MN September 20, 1955 Merged with Minneapolis/St. Paul
Greensboro NC November 5, 1967 Closed
Hattiesburg MS October 23, 1965 Closed
Houston TX January 15, 1967 Inactive
Indianapolis IN October 13, 1922 Active
Ithaca NY June 2, 1991 Active
Jackson MS May 25, 1959 Inactive
Jacksonville FL September 10, 1973 Closed
Kansas City MO 2004 Active
Kansas City-Day MO November 26, 1926 Merged with Kansas City
Kansas City-Evening MO November 9, 1958 Merged with Kansas City
Laguna Beach CA March 29, 1981 Closed
Lansing-East Lansing MI May 26, 1939 Closed
Lawrence KS April 15, 1967 Active
Lewisburg PA January 14, 1965 Closed
Lincoln NE February, 1923 Active
Los Angeles CA March 20, 1919 Active
Lubbock TX October 10, 1970 Inactive
Maumee Valley OH June 20, 1952 Merged with Toledo
Meadville PA June 24, 1939 Closed
Miami FL March 29, 1952 Closed
Milwaukee WI 1958 Closed
Minneapolis/St. Paul MN 2001 Active
Muncie IN May 18, 1969 Inactive
New Orleans LA April 4, 1965 Inactive
New York City NY October, 1922 Active
Palo Alto CA September 26, 1955 Active
Palos Verdes/South Bay CA October 18, 1964 Active
Pasadena CA October 17, 1952 Closed
Philadelphia PA 1926 Inactive
Phoenix Area AZ October 24, 1970 Inactive
Pittsburgh PA October 3, 1929 Inactive
Portland OR September, 1919 Active
Princeton NJ February 9, 1986 Inactive
Pullman WA March 1, 1966 Inactive
Riverside CA April 8, 1964 Inactive
Roanoke Valley VA December 9, 2017 Active
Rochester NY November 8, 1952 Active
Sacramento CA January 27, 1952 Active
Salem WA April 9, 1956 Inactive
Salt Lake City UT June 10, 1952 Inactive
San Antonio TX May 18, 2000 Active
San Diego CA May 18, 1952 Active
San Fernando Valley CA November 7, 1956 Merged with Los Angeles
San Francisco CA November 17, 1929 Active
San Joaquin Valley CA April 19, 1997 Inactive
San José CA February 18, 1951 Active
Santa Barbara CA March 21, 1974 Closed
Seattle WA October, 1924 Inactive
Sioux City IA February 26, 1962 Closed
Spokane WA November 8, 1949 Inactive
Springfield MO May 24, 1966 Inactive
St, Louis Area MO April 18, 1914 Active
St. Petersburg FL April 21, 1965 Closed
Stockton CA 1949 Closed
Tacoma WA June 30, 1950 Inactive
Terre Haute IN May 6, 1979 Inactive
Toledo OH 1915 Active
Tulsa OK February 19, 1952 Inactive
Tuscaloosa AL April 25, 1971 Closed
Urbana-Champaign IL October 20, 1955 Active
Washington, D.C. February 1, 1928 Active
Wichita KS December 29, 1946 Active
Wichita Falls TX October 3, 1964 Inactive

Benefits of Membership

Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity offers a Musicological Research Contest, an Original Composition Contest, the Marian Bowker Davidson Accompanying Award, the Katherine Doepke Creative Programming Award, and various awards for its members and chapters. The Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, established to honor the Fraternity's founders and other deceased members, funds the philanthropic, scholarship and educational activities of Mu Phi Epsilon. Some of the many scholarships and grants are:

Summer tuition scholarships are offered to members of Mu Phi Epsilon attending music programs at Aspen, Banff Music Centre, Brevard Music Center, Chautauqua Institution, Encore School for Strings, Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony, Music Academy of the West, Round Top, and Tanglewood Music Center. Philanthropic gifts are made to community music schools through the Music Outreach Project.

To celebrate the 75h Anniversary of Mu Phi Epsilon, the Fraternity and the Foundation cooperated in building and endowing a cottage/studio for a composer-in-residence at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. The first Composer-In-Residence selected was Emma Lou Diemer, Mu Delta. She accepted but later found it necessary to decline the appointment, so Elie Siegmeister was named as the composer to occupy the Chair of Composition at Brevard Music Center. Notable composers to follow include W. Francis McBeth, Elliot DelBorgo, Walter Hartley, Fisher Tull, Don Freund, and many others.


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