Mufu Range
Rice fields in a valley in the Mufu Range, seen from National Highway 106 east of Tongshan
Highest point
Elevation1,597.2 m (5,240 ft)
Coordinates28°59′N 113°50′E / 28.983°N 113.833°E / 28.983; 113.833Coordinates: 28°59′N 113°50′E / 28.983°N 113.833°E / 28.983; 113.833
Mufu Range is located in Eastern China
Mufu Range
Mufu Range
Location in China
Mufu Range is located in China
Mufu Range
Mufu Range
Mufu Range (China)
LocationHubei, Hunan and Jiangxi, China
Parent rangeLuoxiao Mountains

The Mufu Mountains (Chinese: 幕阜山; pinyin: Mùfù Shān) are a range of mountains located on the border of Jiangxi and Hubei provinces in China.

Some maps label the range as 幕埠山, which would be transliterated as Mùbù Shān (Mubu Mountains), but this apparently is a typo.[1]


The Mufu range is a subrange of the Luoxiao Mountains. It stretches for about 200 km in a roughly southwest–northeast direction between close to Pingjiang in Hunan to the Yangtze valley near Jiujiang.[2]


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