Muhoroni is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of seven constituencies of Kisumu County.

The constituency was established for the 1988 elections, when it was split from the Nyando Constituency.[1] It was one of three constituencies of the former Nyando District.

Members of Parliament

Elections MP [2] Party Notes
1988 Matthew Onyango Midika KANU One-party system.
1992 Justus Aloo Ogeka Ford-K
1997 William Odongo Omamo NDP
2002 Patrick Ayiecho Olweny NARC
2007 Patrick Ayiecho Olweny ODM
2013 Onyango K'Oyoo PDP


Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Fort Ternan 1,535 Muhoroni town
God Nyithindo 3,829 Muhoroni town
Koru 3,872 Muhoroni town
Muhoroni Town 3,325 Muhoroni town
Owaga 982 Muhoroni town
Ombeyi South 3,200 Ahero town
Chemelil 6,696 Nyando county
Miwani 2,789 Nyando county
North East Kano 6,918 Kisumu County
Nyang'oma 6,149 Kisumu county
Ombeyi North 3,968 Kisumu county
Tamu 4,774 Kisumu county
Total 48,037
*September 2005.[3]


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