Mull Little Theatre is a theatre on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Scottish Hebrides. Built from the shell of an old byre (cowshed) in 1963 by Barrie and Marianne Hesketh, it began as the Thursday Theatre, an entertainment for the paying guests of the Druimard Guest House. It grew in reputation and officially became "Smallest Professional Theatre in the World" according to the Guinness World Records.[1]

Since 1995 the company has been run by a voluntary Board of Directors, and also since that time the Artistic Director was Alasdair McCrone.[1] The company dropped the 'little' from its name and became simply Mull Theatre.[2]

The last performance in the original Little Theatre was given in 2006, and a new Production Centre, capable of housing performances as well as rehearsals and workshops, was opened in July 2008 at Druimfin, just outside Tobermory, the main village on Mull. Comar, the umbrella organisation for Mull Theatre and An Tobar (music venue, visual arts and cafe) is funded by the Creative Scotland. Here is a link to the Comar website

A selection of work presented, 1966 - 1984


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