Mung bean sheets
Fan pei or "Fan pi" stir-fried with pork
TypeChinese noodles
Place of originChina
Main ingredientsMung beans
Mung bean sheets
Literal meaningnoodle skin
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese綠豆粉皮
Simplified Chinese绿豆粉皮
Literal meaningmung bean noodle skin

Mung bean sheets are a type of Chinese noodle. It is transparent, flat, and sheet-like. They can be found, in dried form, in China and occasionally in some Chinatowns overseas.


Similar to cellophane noodles, mung bean sheets are made of mung beans, except they are different in shape. The sheets are approximately 1 cm wide, like fettuccine noodles. They are produced in the Shandong province of eastern China (where cellophane noodles are also produced), as well as in the northern city of Tianjin, and have a springier, chewier texture than the thinner noodles.

Use in dishes

Mung bean sheets are used for cold dishes, hot pots, and stir fried dishes, in conjunction with sliced meats and/or seafood, vegetables, and seasonings. One such dish is Liang Fen, where the noodles are served cold with chili oil.