A municipality (Arabic: هيئة محلية‎) is an administrative unit of local government similar to a city. They were established and decided after the creation of the Local Government Ministry of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994. All municipalities are assigned by the Local Government Ministry. Municipal council members and mayors are elected by the residents of the particular locality. Municipalities are divided into four sectors depending on their population and importance to their particular governorate.

Municipal types

Type Count Description Administration
Municipality A (City) 14 Primary municipalities or district capitals of the governorates. These localities are considered cities. Their municipal councils consists of 13 members and a chairman in addition to the elected mayor.
Municipality B (City or Town) 41 Municipalities that have populations of over 8,000 inhabitants or have had a lengthy existence as local councils under Israeli administration. Their municipal councils consist of 13 members and a chairperson.
Municipality C (Town) 47 Municipalities that have populations of 4,000-8,000. Most were recently approved by the Palestinian National Authority. Governed by 11-member councils.
Municipality D (Village) 220 Municipalities with populations of over 1,000. Governed by 9-member councils.
Total 322

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