Municipality of Macau
Concelho de Macau
Flag of Municipality of Macau
Official seal of Municipality of Macau
Concelho de Macau, Macau - Location map.svg
Macau Peninsula
Municipality of Macau
Traditional Chinese澳門市
Simplified Chinese澳门市

The Municipality of Macau (Portuguese: Concelho de Macau) was one of two municipalities of Macau, along with the Municipality of Ilhas.


Its bodies were the municipal council (Câmara Municipal de Macau) and the municipal assembly (Assembleia Municipal de Macau) (Câmara Municipal de Macau Provisória and Assembleia Municipal de Macau Provisória after December 20, 1999). The two municipalities were replaced by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais) in 2001.


In 1513, Portuguese explorer Jorge Álvares arrived in the Pearl River Delta, in the Shenzhen area, which he called Tamão. A Portuguese settlement was started there. By 1535 traders were allowed to anchor their ships in the harbour. In 1887, the Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Peking was signed, allowing "the perpetual occupation and government of Macau by Portugal".[1]

According to National Geographic, "Macau may never have existed if not for Tamão" where the Portuguese learned "how China, the Pearl River Delta, and the South China Sea worked". The settlement and Jorge Álvares "kickstarted a chain of events that ultimately spawned Macau". A large stone sculpture of Álvares stands in downtown Macau.[2] 


Freguesia / Parish 2013 Area (km²)[3] 2013 Population[4] Density (/km²)
Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fatima.PNG
Nossa Senhora de Fátima (花地瑪) 3.2 237,500 74,218
Freguesia de Santo Antonio.PNG
Santo António (花王 / 聖安多尼) 1.1 129,800 118,000
Freguesia de Sao Lazaro.PNG
São Lázaro (望德) 0.6 33,100 55,166
Freguesia da Se.PNG
(大) 3.4 52,200 15,352
Freguesia de Sao Lourenco.PNG
São Lourenço (風順 / 聖老愣佐) 1.0 51,700 51,700


The population of the Macau Peninsula has been increasing rapidly for decades, particularly since the transfer of sovereignty to the People's Republic of China. With 45,675 inhabitants/km², Macau has in one of the highest population densities of any urban area.

Concelho de Macau: Bevölkerungszahlen von 1981 bis
1981 238.413
1991 342.548
1996 390.928
2001 388.647
2006 433.730
2011 469.009
2016 520.166
2017[5] 520.700

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