Muppet Kids is a franchise created by Jim Henson, that ran throughout the 1989 to the 2000s.

Like Muppet Babies, the series featured the young version of the Muppets consisting Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Fozzie, Bean Bunny, Rolf, Janice, Skeeter and Scooter (especially their designs are modeled after Muppet Babies), but appeared as child/pre-teen versions.


Muppet Kids initially produced as a children’s book series from 1989 to 1996, published by Golden Books and Muppet Press.


In 2002, a direct-to-video feature film Kermit's Swamp Years featured the kid version of Kermit.

Muppet Kids Reading and Thinking Series

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Muppet Kids
Developer(s)Jim Henson Interactive
Publisher(s)Brighter Child
Creator(s)Voldi Way
Louise Gikow
Diane Mangan
Bonita Ferraro
Lauren Attinello
Artist(s)Rob Buchanan
Matt Bozon
Composer(s)Mike Hooker
Voldi Way
Ed Neicikowski
Platform(s)Windows, Macintosh
First releaseLetters: Capital & Small
Latest releaseSorting & Ordering

Muppet Kids Reading and Thinking Series is a series of educational video games based on the Muppet Kids series. It was developed by Jim Henson Interactive, published by Brighter Child, and distributed on some CDs by Encore Software. The games were released in the US, the UK, and France. The games were reissued in 2004 and included video clips from The Muppet Show.




In 1989, McDonald's produced the series of toys for the Happy Meal line-up, which depicted the Muppet Kids riding on tricycles, for limited time.


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