Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia
Palazzo Venezia Pano (1).jpg
Palazzo Venezia.
Dissolved1929, reopened in 1943
LocationRome (Italy), Via del Plebiscito 118
Coordinates41°53′47″N 12°28′54″E / 41.8963°N 12.4817°E / 41.8963; 12.4817Coordinates: 41°53′47″N 12°28′54″E / 41.8963°N 12.4817°E / 41.8963; 12.4817
TypeArt museum
DirectorEdith Gabrielli
OwnerItaly Republic of Italy - Ministry of Culture

The Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia is a state museum in Rome (Italy), housed in the palace of the same name together with the important Library of Archaeology and Art History.


The Museum preserves paintings by artists such as Fra Angelico, Giorgione (Double portrait, about 1502), Giotto, Benozzo Gozzoli, Guercino, Carlo Maratta, Pisanello (Head of a woman), Guido Reni, Giorgio Vasari, Alessandro Algardi, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, as well as pastels, sculptures, bronzes, majolica, terracotta, western and oriental porcelain, medals, seals, furniture, weapons, ivories, silver, glass, enamels, fabrics and tapestries.[2] It also preserves approximately 3,000 works from the Wurts Collection, which was formed by George Washington Wurts and Henrietta Tower and bequeathed to the Italian state on her death in 1933.
The external loggia (Garden of Paul II) houses a lapidarium.
The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.

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