Music Center for PC
Initial releaseAugust 29, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-08-29)[1]
Stable release
2.7.0 / March 21, 2024; 2 months ago (2024-03-21)
Operating systemWindows (8.1, 10, 11)
PredecessorMedia Go / x-APP
TypeMusic player

Music Center for PC is a music player and transfer software for Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony and first released in 2017.[2]


The software was created to replace Media Go and x-APPLICATION (Japanese: x-アプリ). Unlike those, Music Center for PC only focuses on audio and as a result it has had several features removed,[1] such as CD burning, or non-audio media functionalities like photo or video playback and transfer.[3] It is also not compatible for transfer with phones or consoles, but only with audio devices like Walkman,[4] home stereos and theater systems, active speakers, and others.[5]

Version 1.0 of Music Center for PC is based on x-APPLICATION (and in turn, SonicStage).[1] Version 2.0 was released in late 2018 and had a major overhaul of the user interface[6] developed on Electron.[1] Additionally there is now also support for DSEE HX.[3]

Gracenote tagging of music is also integrated into Music Center for PC.[7] The mora music store is also integrated for Japanese customers to directly purchase music.[8]

Format support

Music Center for PC supports the playback of numerous formats including high-resolution audio, namely: ATRAC (.oma/.aa3), ATRAC Advanced Lossless (.oma/.aa3), WAV (.wav), MP3 (.mp3), AAC (.3gp/.mp4/.m4a), HE-AAC (.3gp/.mp4/.m4a), WMA (.wma), DSD (.dsf/.dff), FLAC (.flac), MQA (.mqa.flac), APE (.ape), ALAC (.mp4/.m4a) and AIFF (.aiff/.aif).[9]

It can also play audio CDs, but ripping a CD is only possible into FLAC, WAV, MP3 or AAC formats.[9]


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