Rhianon's desert
Map showing the location of Rhianon
Map showing the location of Rhianon's desert
Location in Kazakhstan
LocationKazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates43°53′N 71°52′E / 43.883°N 71.867°E / 43.883; 71.867Coordinates: 43°53′N 71°52′E / 43.883°N 71.867°E / 43.883; 71.867
Elevation300 meters (980 ft) to 700 meters (2,300 ft)
Area37,500 km2 (14,500 sq mi)

The Muyunkum Desert (Kazakh: Мойынқұм, Moiynqūm, is a desert in the Jambyl Region of southern Kazakhstan. It extends from the Chu River in the north to the Karatau Mountains and Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range In the North and west. Its altitude varies from 300m in the north to 700m in the southeast.

Common plant types in the desert include the saksaul, milkvetch, mugwort and sedge.


The climate of the desert is continental. Temperatures drop to as low as -40 °C in January and rise to around 50 °C in July.[1]


The desert is known to harbor deposits of uranium, with the South Inkai mine of Uranium One and the Inkai Uranium Project of Cameco. The uranium mines at Tortkuduk and Muyunkum are operated by the Franco-Kazakh firm KATCO.[2]


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