Developer(s)Facebook, Inc.
Initial release2015; 7 years ago (2015)
Written inC++
TypeDatabase engine
LicenseGPL 2.0

MyRocks is open-source software developed at Facebook in order to use MySQL features with RocksDB implementations. It is based on Oracle MySQL 5.6.

Starting from version 10.2.5, MariaDB includes MyRocks as an alpha-stage storage engine.[1] [2] MariaDB 10.3.7 includes MyRocks as a storage engine.[3] MyRocks is also shipped with Percona Server.

The library is maintained by the Facebook Database Engineering Team.


RocksDB is optimized for fast, low-latency storage, and MyRocks is aimed at keeping the storage savings efficient.

MyRock's efficiency focuses on better space efficiency, better write efficiency, and better read efficiency.[4]


Benchmark tests against 3 different instances – MyRocks (compressed), InnoDB (uncompressed), and InnoDB (compressed, 8 KB page size) – found:[4]

With SSD database storage, this means less space used and a higher endurance of the storage over time.

Support platforms

The officially supported subset of platforms are:

Compiler toolsets we verify our builds with:

Best effort is made to support the following OSs:

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