Clipper ship N.B. Palmer
Flag of the United States.svg
United States
OwnerA.A. Low & Brother, New York
BuilderWestervelt & MacKay
FateSold to Norway
Flag of Norway.svg
OwnerRegistered in Arendal, Norway
Out of service1892
FateAbandoned in the North Atlantic at 45°N, 43°W
General characteristics
Class and typeClipper
Length202 ft. 6 in.
Beam38 ft. 6 in.
Draught21 ft. 11 in.
Notes"Sailed from Shanghai to New York in the record time of 82 days (64 from Anjer)"[1]

The N.B. Palmer was a clipper ship owned by A.A. Low & Brother which was active in the China trade.

In 1858–1859 the N.B. Palmer, with her 28-year-old Captain Hingham tied the record of 82 days for the Shanghai to New York run.[2]

N.B. Palmer was named after explorer, sailing captain, and ship designer Nathaniel Palmer. Along with the Sweepstakes, she was perhaps the most famous clipper built in New York's Westervelt yard. In China N.B. Palmer was known as "the Yacht", and with her nettings in the tops, brass guns, gold stripe, and her lavish entertainment on the Fourth of July and Washington's Birthday, she well deserved the title. A full-rigged model of the N.B. Palmer was exhibited at The Crystal Palace, London, in 1851, and attracted much attention as a fine example of the American clipper ship.[3]

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