North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company
HeadquartersForest City, Pennsylvania, United States
ProductsLandline Telephone Service, DSL, IPTV

North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company (NEP) is a telecommunications provider headquartered in Forest City, Pennsylvania. The company operates as a local exchange carrier in rural areas of Lackawanna County, Wayne County and Susquehanna County. Besides landline telephone, NEP offers Broadband Internet, NEP Datavision IPTV and Wireless Phone Services.

ADSL2+ Upgrade

In April, 2011 NEP finished upgrading its data infrastructure to support the ADSL2+ standard. The upgrade includes access to faster Internet download speeds and a new IPTV platform.[1]

Wireless Services

NEP Telephone previously had GSM wireless services in place for Dimock, Montrose, Susquehanna, Forest City, and other towns in the area. They offered EDGE and GPRS wireless data services. They also allow customers from other GSM carriers to roam onto their network when service from their home carrier was not available. NEP offered nationwide coverage via roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

In 2013, NEP started to draw from its initial disbursement of $2 million it received from the FCC mobility fund of 2012.[2] It had received $6.7 million overall from the fund.[3] NEP was using these funds to construct a 4G LTE network in the 700 MHz B block. NEP owns a 700 MHz B block license for CMA-122 Binghamton, NY.[4]

Effective September 22, 2015, NEP Wireless chose to exit the retail wireless business and the service was subsequently terminated.[5]


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