NORC at the University of Chicago
TypePrivate, nonprofit organization
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Parent organization
University of Chicago
Formerly called
National Opinion Research Center

NORC at the University of Chicago, previously the National Opinion Research Center, is an independent social research organization in the United States. Established in 1941, its corporate headquarters is located in downtown Chicago, with offices in several other locations throughout the United States. Organized as an independent corporation, more than half its board comes from faculty and administration of the University of Chicago. It also jointly staffs some of the university's academic research centers.[1]


The organization was founded by researcher Harry Field in 1941 as the National Opinion Research Center, with financial support from department-store heir and newspaper owner Marshall Field III (no relation) and the University of Denver, where it was located.[2] The center moved to the University of Chicago in 1947. Since its founding, NORC at the University of Chicago has conducted numerous social research projects involving opinion surveys, panel surveys, and marketing research. It also has conducted other data collection efforts for government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and corporations.

Data from surveys are also often analyzed in a wide range of social sciences, especially sociology. NORC is best known for its large, national surveys, but has also conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses, longitudinal analyses, methodological studies, and international projects.


NORC clients have included:

Notable projects



In October 2023, United States Department of Labor and NORC reached a conciliation agreement to resolve alleged hiring discrimination against Asian applicants for positions as coronavirus contact tracers between May 2020 to August 2021. NORC agreed to pay $95,000 in back wages and interest to 107 Asian applicants and also review its hiring policies, procedures, and trainings so they are free from discrimination in accordance to Executive Order 11246.[25]


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