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NPO Radio 4
NPO Radio 4 logo 2014.svg
Broadcast areaNetherlands
FrequencyFM: 87.6–101.6 MHz
DAB+: 12C
CanalDigitaal: 704 (Astra 23.5°E)
Digitenne: 104
KPN: 804
Ziggo: 804
Various frequencies on analogue cable
Formatmusic, culture
NPO Radio 1
NPO Radio 2
NPO Radio 5
NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz
First air date
28 December 1975
Former call signs
Hilversum 4

NPO Radio 4 is a public-service radio channel in the Netherlands, broadcasting chiefly classical music. It is part of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, NPO.


The channel began broadcasting on 28 December 1975 under the name Hilversum 4, changed to Radio 4 on 1 December 1985. Its first programme was produced by the Veronica broadcasting association (VOO).

On 19 August 2014, the station's name and logo were amended to include mention of its parent broadcasting organization, NPO.

Content contributors

The following broadcasting associations and organisations currently provide programming on NPO Radio 4: AVROTROS, BNNVARA, EO, KRO-NCRV, MAX, NTR and VPRO.


Initially, the channel broadcast only during the evenings, with a segment produced by Teleac, but it now operates around the clock, providing surround sound transmissions via the internet and satellite.


The emphasis during the day was once all-complete works from both well- and lesser-known tracks; however, the station now focuses more on short segments from better-known classical repertoire. In the evening (around 8-11pm), a live concert is broadcast, on Saturday evening a regular live recording of an opera concert. Since 2015, live shows can be watched in the studio via a webcam.

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