Nahas (pronounced Nay-haz) was a chain of department stores owned by A. S Nahas, operating in Greater Los Angeles, carrying clothing, household goods and electronics. They also acquired Rathbun's department store at 5311 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood and cobranded it "Nahas Rathbuns" before the branch closed in 1980.[1] The remaining Nahas stores closed in 1981–2.

The Nahas chain originated as a partnership between Mr. A. S. Nahas and Donald R. Nuss in 1951. In 1970 the company was incorporated. Mr. Nahas died December 13, 1970. As of 1974 Mr. Nuss was the CEO.[2][3]


The order of opening of the first eight stores is documented as follows:[4]

Later advertisements promote these additional following branches:

A. S. Nahas

Mr. Abe[16] (or "Abraham" as listed in the 1910 census)[17] Salem[18] Nahas was born in Tripoli, then in Ottoman Syria, now Lebanon, on August 16, 1895 (as reported on his WWII draft card, 1920 census, and obituary)[2][19] to Selami and Mary Nahas. Young Abraham emigrated to the United States at age 5 with his parents and siblings George, Elsie and Edna,[17] and the family settled in San Francisco. Shortly after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake the family moved to Los Angeles. In 1910, the family was registered on Holmes Avenue in San Antonio Township, Florence Precinct, in what is now referred to as Florence, California, an unincorporated area adjacent to South Los Angeles.[17] At age 22, Nahas was an escrow clerk at an insurance and trust company at 5th and Spring and lived at 784 E. Washington Blvd. in what is now southeastern Downtown Los Angeles. He was described as short, of medium build, with blue eyes and dark brown hair.[19]

Nahas married Edith Rector in 1918 and had two daughters, Virginia and Lorraine. He was a Mason.[2]

Nahas started working in retail in 1918 and became the manager of the Woolworth five and dimes in Prescott, Arizona (where he resided during the 1920 census),[20] Santa Rosa, California and Hollywood. In 1937 he became a partner in a department store chain, and in 1939 was managing a five and ten cent store at 6410 Hollywood Boulevard when burglars broke in and stole a small safe with $1200 in cash inside.[21][2] His WWII draft card shows Abe and Edith Nahas living at 753 1/2 N. Croft Ave. in Hollywood at that time and his employer as Woolworth's.

Nahas later founded Nahas department stores as a partnership with Donald Nuss in 1951.[2] The Nahases had a home in Newport Beach, featured in the Los Angeles Times in 1958, stretching 110 feet along the breakwater, designed by architect Herbert Brownell. The home had a panorama wall of glass providing an ocean view.[22] In 1966, Nahas opened Toluca Villa, a 42-unit, 3-story apartment complex at 10240 Camarillo St., in North Hollywood.[23]

Nahas died December 13, 1970.[2]


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