Nandewar ranges (looking east from the Brigalow Belt South)
The interim Australian bioregions,
with Nandewar in red
Area27,019.77 km2 (10,432.4 sq mi)
Localities around Nandewar:
Brigalow Belt South Brigalow Belt South New England Tablelands
Brigalow Belt South Nandewar New England Tablelands
Brigalow Belt South Sydney Basin NSW North Coast

Nandewar (code NAN),[1] an interim Australian bioregion, is located in New South Wales and Queensland,[2] and comprises an area of 2,701,977 hectares (6,676,730 acres),[1] surrounded by the Brigalow Belt South to the west, south-west and north-west, and to the east by the New England Tablelands.[3] This is a region of hills on Palaeozoic sediments and lithosols[2] and of Eucalyptus albens woodlands and summer rainfall.[2]


In the IBRA system Nandewar has the code of (NAN), and it has four sub-regions:[4]

IBRA regions and subregions: IBRA7
IBRA subregion IBRA
ha acres
Nandewar Northern Complex NAN01 962,254 2,377,780
Inverell Basalts NAN02 230,854 570,450
Kaputar NAN03 78,307 193,500
Peel NAN04 1,430,562 3,535,000

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