Nano Quest
Challenge Number9
Released In2006
DesignersCarol Osmer, Dan Barry, Wolfgang Porod, Anna Waldron, Eric Marshall
Championship Tournaments89

Nano Quest was the name of the 2006–07 challenge theme of FIRST Lego League. It revolved around the emerging field of nanotechnology.[3][4]


Teams were tasked with identifying an application of nanotechnology, see where current research stands and creatively improve upon it.[1] Then teams shared their project with the community and with judges at competition.[4]


The table performance portion of Nano Quest is played on a 4 ft by 8 ft field rimmed by wood boards. At competition, two of these fields are placed together to form an 8 ft square. In each 2+12-minute match, a team competes on each field with their robot to earn up to 400 points manipulating the mission models.

One of the mission models, the Space Elevator, straddles both fields in the center. This model earns points for both teams, no matter who triggered it.[1]

The touch penalty objects are dirt particle models.[1] They are worth up to 5 points each depending on their location on the field, but are removed from play every time the robot is touched outside of base.


Nano Quest field
Nano Quest field

All of the Nano Quest missions are related to nanotechnology and its applications:[1]


  1. ^ RCX teams need to earn points in at least 3 missions; NXT teams need 6 missions.


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