Nara river
Nara River (India) is located in Gujarat
Nara River (India)
Discharge at the Nara Dam reservoir
Physical characteristics
 • locationIndia
 • coordinates23°35′48″N 68°56′16″E / 23.5967°N 68.9378°E / 23.5967; 68.9378
 • location
Great Rann of Kutch
 • coordinates
23°41′01″N 69°06′47″E / 23.6837°N 69.1130°E / 23.6837; 69.1130
Length25 km (16 mi)
 • locationNara Dam reservoir

The Nara River is a river located in Kutch in the Indian state of Gujarat. It flows northeast into the Great Rann of Kutch.[1]

The Nara River originates near the Paneli village, in the southeastern parts of Lakhpat tehsil in the Kachchh district, and empties into the Great Rann of Kutch. It has a length of 25 km, and a catchment area of 233 km2 (90 sq mi).[1] The Nara Dam constructed across the river near the village of Nara now collects the entire discharge of the river in its reservoir.


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