Nasi goreng jawa
Nasi Goreng Breakfast in Solo.JPG
A plate of nasi goreng jawa from Surakarta, Central Java
CourseMain course
Place of originIndonesia[1][2]
Region or stateJava
Associated national cuisineIndonesia[3]
Created byJavanese
Main ingredientsFried rice with meats, vegetables, pickles, spices, sweet soy sauce, and sambal
VariationsRich variations across the respective region

Nasi goreng jawa (Indonesian for Javanese fried rice, Javanese: sega goreng jawa) is a Javanese-style of fried rice originated from Java. This dish can be found in Javanese cuisine and quite popular in Indonesia, especially Java. Commonly, this rice dish uses sambal ulek as seasoning and has a spicy taste.[4][5]


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