Nasvadi is name of a town, a village as well as a Taluka in Chhota Udaipur district of Gujarat, India.


Princely State

Before independence, during British India, Nasvadi was a Princely State of India, ruled by Hindu rulers of Solanki clan of Rajputs. The princely state of Nasvadi was spread over an area of 51 km2.[1] Nasvadi was a tributary state under Gaekwads of Baroda.

Present status


At present, Nasvadi is name of a Taluka of Chota Udaipur District of Gujarat, which has 220 villages under its jurisdiction. It used to be a part of the Vadodara District. But after the formation of new Chhota Udaipur district on 26 January 2013 for decentralisation, it joined the new district.[2][3][4] The taluka has State Bank of India Branch and also other public sector banks. It also has private banks.


Nasvadi is also name of a village in the Taluka, which is 1.6 km from Taluka Head office, which incidentally also is known by name of Nasvadi (town).


Nasvadi town, the Taluka headquarters, is 71 km from Vadodara. It is 173 km from its State capital Gandhinagar.


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