The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) is a professional organization for college and university athletic directors in the United States. NACDA boasts a membership of more than 6,100 individuals and more than 1,600 institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Members include athletics directors, associate and assistant athletics directors, conference commissioners and affiliate individuals or corporations.


The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics was founded in 1965. It had its origins at the First and Second National Conferences on Athletic Administration in Colleges and Universities, held in Louisville, Kentucky in 1959 and 1962. At the third conference, in 1965, in Washington, D.C., NACDA was officially founded and the Association held its inaugural Convention in 1966.


NACDA is governed by a group of Officers and Executive Committee members. The Officers consist of a President, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice President and a Secretary. The Finance-Management Committee consists of the current Officers and Past Presidents who conduct the finances of the Association. The Executive Committee includes eight representatives each from the College and University Divisions, four from the Junior/Community College Division and several At-Large members. This latter group includes five representatives of affiliated associations/organizations and female representatives from districts which do not have female representation.


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Hall of fame

See footnote[2] and Hall of fame

Past presidents

The following table lists the past presidents of the NACDA.[3]

Years President Institution
1965–1966 Jim Corbett Louisiana State University
1966–1967 Dick Larkins Ohio State University
1967–1968 Bob Bronzan San Jose State University
1968–1969 Marsh Turner Johns Hopkins University
1969–1970 Bill Orwig Indiana University
1970–1971 Albert W. Twitchell Rutgers University
1971–1972 James "Bud" Jack University of Utah
1972–1973 Cecil Coleman University of Illinois
1973–1974 John Winkin Colby College
1974–1975 Harry Fouke University of Houston
1975–1976 Bill Rohr Ohio University
1976–1977 Stan Marshall South Dakota State University
1977–1978 Bill Flynn Boston College
1978–1979 Fred Miller Arizona State University
1979–1980 Ben Carnevale The College of William and Mary
1980–1981 John Toner University of Connecticut
1981–1982 Mike Lude University of Washington
1982–1983 George King Purdue University
1983–1984 Bob Karnes Drake University
1984–1985 John J. Clune United States Air Force Academy
1985–1986 Andy Mooradian University of New Hampshire
1986–1987 Homer Rice Georgia Tech
1987–1988 Carl Miller University of the Pacific
1988–1989 Gary Cunningham Fresno State University
1989–1990 Jack Lengyel United States Naval Academy
1990–1991 Frank Windegger Texas Christian University
1991–1992 Bill Byrne University of Oregon
1992–1993 Jim Jones Ohio State University
1993–1994 John Swofford University of North Carolina
1994–1995 Eugene Smith Iowa State University
1995–1996 Jim Copeland Southern Methodist University
1996–1997 Barbara Hedges University of Washington
1997–1998 Vince Dooley University of Georgia
1998–1999 Jim Livengood University of Arizona
1999–2000 Dave Hart Jr. Florida State University
2000–2001 Debbie Yow University of Maryland, College Park
2001–2002 Bill Bradshaw DePaul University
2002–2003 Joe Castiglione University of Oklahoma
2003–2004 Judy Rose University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2004–2005 Gene DeFilippo Boston College
2005–2006 Tim Curley Penn State University
2006–2007 Lee McElroy University at Albany
2007–2008 Kevin White University of Notre Dame
2008–2009 Joan Cronan University of Tennessee
2009–2010 Randy Spetman Florida State University
2010–2011 Dave Roach Colgate University
2011–2012 Dan Guerrero UCLA
2012–2013 Kevin Anderson University of Maryland
2013–2014 Mike Alden University of Missouri
2014–2015 Jim Phillips Northwestern University
2015–2016 Tim Selgo Grand Valley State University
2016–2017 Chris Plonsky University of Texas
2017–2018 Bubba Cunningham University of North Carolina
2018–2019 Lee Reed Georgetown University
2019–2020 Greg Byrne University of Alabama

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