National Aviation University
Національний авіаційний університет
MottoVivere! Vincere! Creare!
Motto in English
Live! Win! Create!
TypeNational university
RectorProfessor Volodymyr Isaienko
Administrative staff

National Aviation University (NAU; Ukrainian: Національний авіаційний університет) is a university located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It started in 1933 when the Kyiv Aviation Institute was founded on the basis of the mechanical department of Kyiv Machine-Building Institute. The university consists of five institutes, ten separate faculties, one Aviation Academy (KFA NAU), two lyceums, six colleges and Military Training Department. The university has its own Culture and Arts Center, Aviation Medical Center,Flight Training Center, Training and Sports Wellness Center, Scientific and Technical Library, “Aviator” newspaper and a yacht club. University also supports the State Aviation Museum.[1]

Main historical dates


Founded in 1933, over the years of operation, the university has trained over 200,000 professionals.[citation needed]

Today, about 25,000 students are studying in the university, including nearly 1,500 foreigners from 55 countries. NAU incorporates five institutes, ten faculties, military training department, six colleges, two lyceums, and the Flight Academy in Kropyvnytskyi. NAU trains bachelors, masters, candidates, and doctors of science. It became the leading institution for training specialists in civil aviation. The university has scientific schools in the fields of mechanics, management, electronics, materials science, electrical engineering, computer science and computer facilities. Academic activities are performed by a scientific and pedagogical team, including 15 academicians, corresponding members of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, 184 doctors of sciences, professors, 677 candidates of sciences and senior lecturers, 80 honored people in science and engineering of Ukraine and winners of State prizes.[2]

Rector of National Aviation University is a Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Member of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Isaienko.

International activities of the University

The University has joined the Bologna Convention that makes it possible for students to get diplomas of international standard and improve students’ mobility. The university professors and students collaborate internationally with universities in Spain, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, South Korea and other countries. The University also cooperates with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Two ICAO European Regional Training Centers are successfully functioning for aviation personnel training and upgrading.[2]

University facilities

Main campus in Kyiv
Main campus in Kyiv
Antonov An-26 in the National Aviation University
Antonov An-26 in the National Aviation University
Library in the National Aviation University
Library in the National Aviation University

The university occupies a total area of about 90 hectares. There are 14 academic buildings standing on 150 000 square meters.

Within the framework of realization of the state investment project titled “International Pilot Training Center of National Aviation University” the university is successfully establishing high quality training of pilots.

The K-10 SWIFT, Cessna 172, and four Tecnam 2002 aircraft, as well as the ALSIM aircraft simulator, have been purchased to train Cessna, Tecnam, and Boeing-737 pilots. The scientific and technical library has a resource of about 2,6 million books.[citation needed]

The National Aviation University, the only one in Ukraine, has a unique hangar with 75 airplanes and helicopters, radio equipment, a training aerodrome with aviation ground handling equipment, an aerodynamic training complex equipped with a wind tunnel, and the State Museum of Aviation. Students of the university also have access to the Sports Complex, the Arts and Culture Centre, the Medical Centre, accommodation in one among the 11 hostels, a cafeteria with a seating capacity for 1000 people at a time, memberships in the Billiard Club and e-club, all located within the students' campus.[2]

Structure of the University

More than 25,000 students study at the National Aviation University today, among them 1500 foreign students from more than 55 countries.

The National Aviation University consists of:[3]


  1. Institute of International Cooperation and Education
  2. Institute of Innovative Technologies and Leadership
  3. Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education
  4. Educational and Scientific Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies
  5. NAU's ICAO Training Institute


  1. Aerospace Faculty]
  2. Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications
  3. Faculty of Architecture, Construction and Design
  4. Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology
  5. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  6. Faculty of Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering
  7. Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications
  8. Faculty of International Relations
  9. Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics
  10. Law Faculty
  11. Military Training Department

Aviation Academy:



Aviation Museum in Kryvyi Rih
Aviation Museum in Kryvyi Rih
  1. College of Information Technologies and Land Management
  2. College of Engineering and Management
  3. Slovyansk College
  4. Kryvyi Rih College
  5. Vasylkiv College
  6. Kyiv College of Computer Technology and Economics

12 research institutes and subdivisions: Research Institute of Technological Systems within Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and; Ministry of Industrial Policy; Research Institute of Integrated Telecommunication Technologies; SRI of the Fleeting Processes; SRI of Design; SRI "Aviatest"; State Research Institute of Aviation; Aerospace Center; Aerodynamic Research Center of National Aviation University of Ukraine; The Research Design Bureau "Buran"; Center "Air traffic service"; Training Center (gymnasium); Ukrainian National Research Center of Certification of Combustive-lubricating Materials and Technical Liquids;

Honorable doctors and famous alumni