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National Bank of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Ұлттық Банкі
Qazaqstan Ūlttyq Banki
EstablishedApril 13, 1993 (1993-04-13)
Ownership100% state ownership[1]
GovernorTimur Suleimenov
Central bank ofKazakhstan
CurrencyKazakhstan Tenge
KZT (ISO 4217)
Reserves19 790 million USD[1]

The National Bank of Kazakhstan[a] is the central bank of Kazakhstan.


The former headquarters of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty

The National Bank of Kazakhstan was established on the basis of the Kazakh Republican Bank of the State Bank of the USSR (since 1990 - the State Bank of the Kazakh SSR, since 1991 - the National State Bank of the Kazakh SSR).

On April 13, 1993, in accordance with the Law "On the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the National Bank of the Kazakh SSR was renamed the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On March 30, 1995, a new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 30, 1995 No. 2155 "On the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was issued.

On 15 November 1999, the National Bank of Kazakhstan became the founder and the sole shareholder of the Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund ("KDIF").

Management Structure

The National Bank is accountable to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but acting independently to the extent scope of authority granted under the legislation thereto. The National Bank coordinates its activities with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account and facilitating the economic policy of the government, unless it contradicts the implementation of its own basic functions and monetary policy.

The supreme governing body of the National Bank is the Management Board, and the operational control authority is the Board of Directors. The Management Board consists of nine people. The Management Board includes the Chairman of the National Bank and four officials (Vice-Chairmen) of the National Bank, one representative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, two government representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Chairman of the Committee for Control and Supervision of the Financial Market and Financial Institutions of the National Bank.[2]

The organisational structure of the National Bank of Kazakhstan comprises the followingCentral headquarters:[3]


Governor Took office Left office Notes
Ghalym Bainasarov 1992 1993 [4][5]
Daulet Sembaev 1993 1996 [4]
Oraz Jandosov 1996 1998 [4]
Kadyrzhan Damitov 1998 1999 [4]
Grigori Marchenko 1999 2004 [4]
Anvar Saidenov 2004 2009 [6]
Grigori Marchenko 2009 2013 [4]
Kairat Kelimbetov 2013 2015 [4]
Daniyar Akishev 2015 2019 [7]
Erbolat Dossaev 2019 2022 [8]
Galymzhan Pirmatov 2022 2023 [9]
Timur Suleimenov 2023 Incumbent [10]


The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the stockholder of the following corporations:


Nur-Sultan city, Mangilik El street, 57A.[13]

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    Russian: Национальный Банк Казахстана, romanizedNatsional'nyy Bank Kazakhstana


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