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The National College Baseball Hall of Fame is an institution operated by the College Baseball Foundation serving as the central point for the study of the history of college baseball in the United States. In partnership with the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library located on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, the Hall of Fame inducts former collegiate players and coaches who have met selection criteria of distinction.


The College Baseball Foundation was formed in 2004 as a non-profit organization, with the dual aims of continuing the Brooks Wallace Award and creating a national college baseball hall of fame. The inaugural Wallace Award was bestowed in 2004, but the inaugural Hall of Fame induction class was not chosen until 2006. As of 2006, organizers hoped to have a permanent building constructed by 2008.[1] As of January 2013, the Foundation had raised approximately $7 million of the $13 million goal, after receiving a $5 million grant from the Moody Foundation.[2] A ceremonial groundbreaking was held in June 2015 in Lubbock.[3] In April 2017, the Foundation announced that it would no longer pursue constructing a museum in Lubbock.[4]


The 2006 inaugural class for the National College Baseball Hall of Fame consisted of five former coaches and five former players.[5] Annually thereafter, through 2016, additional players and coaches were enshrined.[6] In May 2017, organizers cancelled that year's annual “Night of Champions” induction ceremony.[4]

dagger Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


Year Inductee Position(s) University
2006 Will Clark First baseman Mississippi State
2006 Bob Horner Infielder Arizona State
2006 Brooks Kieschnick Outfielder Texas
2006 Dave Winfielddagger Outfielder Minnesota
2006 Robin Ventura Third baseman Oklahoma State
2007 Jim Abbott Pitcher Michigan
2007 Pete Incaviglia Outfielder Oklahoma State
2007 Fred Lynn Outfielder Southern California
2007 John Olerud First baseman Washington State
2007 Phil Stephenson First baseman Wichita State
2007 Derek Tatsuno Pitcher Hawaii
2008 Steve Arlin Pitcher Ohio State
2008 Eddie Bane Pitcher Arizona State
2008 Floyd Bannister Pitcher Arizona State
2008 Neal Heaton Pitcher Miami
2008 Burt Hooton Pitcher Texas
2008 Dick Howser Infielder Florida State
2008 Ben McDonald Pitcher Louisiana State
2008 Greg Swindell Pitcher Texas
2009 Joe Carter Outfielder Wichita State
2009 Darren Dreifort First baseman Wichita State
2009 Kirk Dressendorfer Pitcher Texas
2009 Barry Larkindagger Shortstop Michigan
2009 Keith Moreland Third baseman Texas
2009 Rafael Palmeiro First baseman Mississippi State
2009 Todd Walker Second baseman Louisiana State
2010 Alan Bannister Shortstop Arizona State
2010 Eddy Furniss First baseman Louisiana State
2010 Don Heinkel Pitcher Wichita State
2010 Dave Magadan First baseman Alabama
Third baseman
2010 B. J. Surhoff Catcher North Carolina
2010 Rich Wortham Pitcher Texas
2011 Terry Francona Outfielder Arizona
2011 Danny Goodwin Catcher Southern
2011 Dick Groat Shortstop Duke
2011 Oddibe McDowell Centerfielder Arizona State
2011 Tim Wallach First baseman Cal State Fullerton
2012 Lou Brockdagger Outfielder Southern
2012 Nomar Garciaparra Shortstop Georgia Tech
2012 Tim Jorgensen Shortstop Wisconsin–Oshkosh
2012 Brad Wilkerson First baseman Florida
2013 Sal Bando Third baseman Arizona State
2013 Tom Borland Pitcher Oklahoma State
2013 Ralph Garr Second baseman Grambling State
2013 Tino Martinez First baseman Tampa
2013 Roy Smalley III Shortstop Southern California
2014 Bill Bordley Pitcher Southern California
2014 Alex Fernandez Pitcher Miami
Miami Dade College
2014 Mike Fiore Outfielder Miami
2014 Mickey Sullivan Outfielder Baylor
2015 Joe Arnold Pitcher Miami-Dade College
Arizona State
2015 Lance Berkman First baseman Rice
2015 Al Holland Pitcher North Carolina A&T
2015 Mike Kelly Outfielder Arizona State
2015 Rick Reichardt Outfielder Wisconsin
2015 Frank Viola Pitcher St. John's
2016 Matt DeSalvo Pitcher Marietta
2016 J. D. Drew Outfielder Florida State
2016 Rick Monday Outfielder Arizona State
2016 Tom Paciorek Outfielder Houston
2019 Dave Chalk Third baseman Texas
2019 Andre Dawson dagger Outfielder Florida A&M
2019 Wally Hood Pitcher University of Southern California
2019 Mark Kotsay Outfielder Cal State Fullerton
2019 Billy Wagner Pitcher Ferrum

Head coaches

Year Inductee University
2006 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
2006 Rod Dedeaux Southern California
2006 Ron Fraser Miami
2006 Cliff Gustafson Texas
2006 Bobby Winkles Arizona State
2007 Chuck Brayton Washington State
2007 Jim Brock Arizona State
2007 Bibb Falk Texas
2007 Jerry Kindall Arizona
2007 Dick Siebert Minnesota
2008 Bob Todd Ohio State
2008 Gary Ward New Mexico State
Oklahoma State
2009 Gordie Gillespie St. Francis
2009 Ron Polk Georgia
Georgia Southern
Mississippi State
2010 Bob Bennett Fresno State
2010 Wally Kincaid Cerritos College
2011 Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones Grambling
2011 Bill Wilhelm Clemson
2012 Ed Cheff Lewis–Clark State
2012 Wayne Graham Rice
San Jacinto College
2012 Frank Sancet Arizona
2013 Don Schaly Marietta College
2013 John Winkin Colby College
Husson College
2014 Demie Mainieri Miami-Dade North Community College
2014 Gene Stephenson Wichita State
2015 Larry Hays Lubbock Christian
Texas Tech
2015 Bill Holowaty Eastern Connecticut
2016 Robert Braddy Jackson State
2016 Augie Garrido San Francisco State
Cal Poly
Cal State Fullerton
2016 Tommy Thomas Valdosta State
2019 Mike Martin Florida State
2019 Lloyd Simmons Seminole State College (Oklahoma)

Veteran players (pre-1947 era)

Year Inductee University
2007 Jack Barry Holy Cross
2007 Lou Gehrigdagger Columbia
2007 Christy Mathewsondagger Bucknell
2007 Joe Sewelldagger Alabama
2008 Billy Disch Texas
2008 Ownie Carroll Holy Cross
2008 Jackie Robinsondagger UCLA
2009 Branch Rickeydagger Michigan
Ohio Wesleyan
2010 George Sislerdagger Michigan
2010 Charlie Teague Wake Forest
2014 William Clarence Matthews Tuskegee Institute


Year Inductee Association
2019 Dennis Poppe NCAA



Selection criteria and categorization has changed over time.

The original criteria, established in 2006, allow for recognition of:[7][8]

The top ten voter-getters were selected for induction to the Hall of Fame. Veteran and Historical Committees could nominate individuals from the pre-1947 era, however there was no differentiation in how approved nominees were recognized.

In 2009, a small school category was added, "featuring players and coaches from NAIA, NCAA Divisions II and III, and two-year colleges."[9]

In 2011, a Legends and Pioneers Committee was created, "...designed to provide recognition to black pioneers in college baseball and to honor outstanding players and coaches whose careers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities began prior to 1975."[10] Also, nominees would now be required to reach a threshold of votes, rather than automatically inducting the top ten vote-getters.[9]

In 2012, voting was revised with five ballot categories: Vintage Era (pre-1964) players and coaches, small school players, small school coaches, 1964–2001 players, and NCAA Division I coaches.[11]


The induction ceremony for the inaugural class occurred on July 4, 2006. The “Night of Champions” was usually held the day after the Brooks Wallace Award winner was announced; the most recent induction ceremony was held in 2016.

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