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The National Movement (Luxembourgish: National Bewegong, French: Mouvement National, German: National Bewegung) was a far-right political party in Luxembourg.

The National Movement rose to prominence as a result of the legislative and European elections in 1989, when under the leadership of Pierre Peters. In the European elections, it recorded 2.9% of the vote nationwide.

The last elections that it contested were the legislative and European elections on 12 June 1994. They came at the height of a wave of indiscriminate racist attacks, neo-Nazi demonstrations in Luxembourg, and it was suggested that the National Movement may capitalise by winning a seat in the Chamber of Deputies. However, in domestic and European elections, its share of the vote fell, the party failed to win a seat in either election, and it was promptly disbanded.

Electoral results

Chamber of Deputies

Election Votes Seats Rank Government Leader of the
national list
# % ±pp # +/−
1989 82,316 2.3%
0 / 386
±0 8# extra-parliamentary
1994 82,851 2.6%
0 / 386
±0 6# extra-parliamentary

European Parliament

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Notes
1989 28,867 2.90% 7#
0 / 6
Increase 0
1994 24,141 2.38% 6#
0 / 6
Decrease 0