Location of Giles County in Virginia
Location of Giles County in Virginia

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Giles County, Virginia.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Giles County, Virginia, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.[1]

There are 11 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

          This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted May 13, 2022.[2]

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Current listings

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Doe Creek Farm
Doe Creek Farm
June 12, 2017
412 Doe Creek Rd.
37°19′40″N 80°34′36″W / 37.327778°N 80.576667°W / 37.327778; -80.576667 (Doe Creek Farm)
2 Giles County Courthouse
Giles County Courthouse
September 9, 1982
U.S. Route 460 and State Route 100
37°19′37″N 80°44′06″W / 37.326944°N 80.735000°W / 37.326944; -80.735000 (Giles County Courthouse)
3 Greater Newport Rural Historic District
Greater Newport Rural Historic District
December 14, 2000
Roughly bounded by U.S. Route 460, State Route 42, and Clover Hollow, Lucas, Zells Mills, Spruce Run, and Mountain Lake Rds.
37°17′39″N 80°29′44″W / 37.294167°N 80.495444°W / 37.294167; -80.495444 (Greater Newport Rural Historic District)
4 Andrew Johnston House
Andrew Johnston House
February 11, 1993
208 N. Main St.
37°19′42″N 80°44′09″W / 37.328472°N 80.735833°W / 37.328472; -80.735833 (Andrew Johnston House)
5 Narrows Commercial Historic District
Narrows Commercial Historic District
June 4, 2014
100-300 blocks of Main St. and 100 blocks of Mary St., Monroe St., Center St., and MacArthur Ln.
37°19′53″N 80°48′41″W / 37.331389°N 80.811389°W / 37.331389; -80.811389 (Narrows Commercial Historic District)
6 Newport Historic District
Newport Historic District
February 25, 1994
Area surrounding Greenbriar Branch Rd. and State Route 42
37°17′36″N 80°29′46″W / 37.293333°N 80.496111°W / 37.293333; -80.496111 (Newport Historic District)
7 Pearisburg Historic District
Pearisburg Historic District
January 30, 1992
Roughly, Wenonah Ave. from Tazewell St. to Main St. and adjacent parts of N. and S. Main
37°19′35″N 80°44′06″W / 37.326389°N 80.735°W / 37.326389; -80.735 (Pearisburg Historic District)
8 The People's Bank of Eggleston
The People
June 5, 2017
181 Village St.
37°17′17″N 80°37′07″W / 37.288167°N 80.618611°W / 37.288167; -80.618611 (The People's Bank of Eggleston)
9 Q. M. Pyne Store
Q. M. Pyne Store
March 13, 2009
168 Village St.
37°17′16″N 80°37′06″W / 37.287778°N 80.618333°W / 37.287778; -80.618333 (Q. M. Pyne Store)
10 Shannon Cemetery
Shannon Cemetery
May 4, 2006
Junction of State Routes 42 and 100
37°13′05″N 80°44′30″W / 37.218056°N 80.741667°W / 37.218056; -80.741667 (Shannon Cemetery)
11 Walker's Creek Presbyterian Church
October 22, 2003
State Route 42; also Walker's Creek Cemetery
37°11′35″N 80°50′20″W / 37.193056°N 80.838889°W / 37.193056; -80.838889 (Walker's Creek Presbyterian Church)
Pearisburg Cemetery represents a boundary increase of February 1, 2006

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
  2. ^ National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior, "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions", retrieved May 13, 2022.
  3. ^ Numbers represent an alphabetical ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
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  5. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.