The National Socialist Movement of Norway (Norwegian: Norges Nasjonalsosialistiske Bevegelse, NNSB), formerly Zorn 88,[1] is a Norwegian neo-Nazi[2] group with an estimated fifty members, led by Erik Rune Hansen.[3] Founded in 1988, it is a secretive group with tight membership regulation.[4]

The NNSB expresses admiration for Adolf Hitler and Vidkun Quisling,[5] and is focused on historical revisionism and antisemitism,[2] particularly Holocaust denial.[1] It publishes the magazine Gjallarhorn,[1] and in 1999 published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[6] Other recurrent topics include racial hygiene and Norse religion.[4] Several of its members were active Nazis and members of Nasjonal Samling during World War II.[2][3] The group has had ties to Erik Blücher and the magazine Folk og Land,[3] and to Varg Vikernes.[7] It has been part of international networks along with the World Union of National Socialists,[4] the National Socialist Movement of Denmark, the (now-defunct) Swedish National Socialist Front, and Blood & Honour.[8][9] Along with Scandinavian groups it has taken part in celebrations and memorials to Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess.[10]

In November 2007, a memorial ceremony at the German war cemetery in Oslo was attacked by anti-fascists, leaving five NNSB-members wounded, one severely.[11] The NNSB pledged that it had no intentions of retaliating the attack.[12]


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