The Naval, Shipping and Fisheries Exhibition was a world's fair held in Earl's Court London in 1905[1] [2] intended to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar,[3] where a British fleet led by Admiral Nelson (who died in the battle) defeated a joint Franco-Spanish fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. The president of the exhibition was the lord mayor of London (then Charles Johnston) and the vice president Admiral Edmund Fremantle.[4]

Trafalgar related items included an item labelled as the quilt from Nelson's bed on board ship[5] and a "scenic interpretation" of the battle and death of Nelson[3]

But in addition to Trafalgar commemoration, as the name suggests there were naval, shipping and fishery related exhibits.

Naval related exhibits included Captain Cook's chart rule[6] and his plane table[7][8]
Fishing displays included the opportunity to observe fishers mending nets and divers in a diving tank.
Shipping related exhibits included an eight foot model of the Empress Queen (which also appeared at the Glasgow and Franco-British fairs)[9] and a village of Amerindians in which war canoes were shown. More actively there was the opportunity to take a submarine trip.[3]

And, as in following Earl's Court exhibitions in the 1900s, there were amusement rides including a Hiram Maxim Captive flying machine[10] and a Shoot-the-Chutes.

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