Nazir Ahmad Khan
Lahore, British India
Died26 August 1983 (aged 79)
Other names'Baau Jee' (a popular nickname for him in the Pakistani film industry)
OccupationActor, film director, film producer
Spouse(s)Sikandara Begum, Sitara Devi, Swaran Lata[1]
ChildrenAfzal Nazir, Akhtar Nazir (Cooki), Suraya Nazir (w/o Nasir Khan), Aslam Nazir, Ismat Nazir and 2 others

Nazir Ahmad Khan (Urdu: نذِیر‎) (1904 – 26 August 1983) was a Pakistani film actor, director and producer.

Personal life

Nazir was born in 1904 in a Kakazai Pathan family in Lahore, Punjab, British India.[1][2] He had at least three wives over the years. He was first married to his cousin Sikandara Begum (who was the sister of K. Asif, the legendary director of 1960 film Mughal-e-Azam). He later had a very short marriage with Sitara Devi, the legendary Kathak dancer. After their divorce, Sitara Devi married none other Nazir's cousin K. Asif himself. In other words, she married first the husband and then the brother of Sikandara Begum. Nazir's last wife was film actress Swaran Lata.[1]

Nazir was the father of several children. He gave one of his daughters in marriage to actor Nasir Khan (brother of Dilip Kumar).


Nazir Ahmed Khan died on 26 August 1983.[1][3]


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