Nelson Ned
Nelson Ned in 2008
Background information
Birth nameNelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto
Born(1947-03-02)2 March 1947
Ubá, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Died5 January 2014(2014-01-05) (aged 66)
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Years active1963–2008

Nelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto (2 March 1947 – 5 January 2014) was a Brazilian singer-songwriter. He built a career as a singer and composer of sentimental, suffering songs, rising to popularity in Brazil and Latin America in 1969 and becoming known internationally, especially in Portugal, France and Spain. In 1971 he released his first Spanish album, Canción Popular, and performed in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.[citation needed]

He was the first Latin artist to sell a million records in the U.S. with his hit "Happy Birthday My Darling" in 1974. He did instrumental work for the Electric Moog Orchestra in 1977. After his religious conversion in 1993, he only recorded Christian Evangelical songs in Portuguese, Spanish, and some in English.[citation needed]


Nelson Ned in 1973

Nelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto was born in 1947 in Ubá, Minas Gerais, the eldest of seven siblings. He was the only sibling to develop dwarfism; as an adult he was 111 cm (3 ft 8 in) tall.[citation needed]

Ned married twice, and had three children with his second wife, María Aparecida. All three of his children developed dwarfism: Nelson Ned d'Ávila Jr. (108 cm (43 in)), a musician now living in Mexico; Monalisa Ned d'Ávila, a doctor; and Ana Verónica Ned Pinto (90 cm (35 in)), a singer and acrobat.[1]


Nelson Ned died at age 66 from pneumonia and cardiac arrest at Hospital Regional de Cotia, in São Paulo on 5 January 2014.[2][3]


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