Nenking Group
Founded1998; 24 years ago (1998) in Foshan, Guangdong, China
FounderZhong Naixiong
Area served
Key people
ServicesReal estate, property management, Financial, Sport culture, Pharmaceuticals, overseas investment, Trade purchases
SubsidiariesGuangzhou Loong Lions
FC Sochaux
Nenking Group
Simplified Chinese能兴集团
Traditional Chinese能興集團
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese南海能兴
Traditional Chinese南海能興

Nenking Group (simplified Chinese: 能兴集团; traditional Chinese: 能興集團; pinyin: Néngxīng Jítuán), or Nanhai Nenking (simplified Chinese: 南海能兴; traditional Chinese: 南海能興; pinyin: Nánhǎi Néngxīng), is a Chinese conglomerate founded on 28 March 1998 and based in Foshan, Guangdong, providing Real Estate, Property Management, Financial, Sports Culture, Pharmaceuticals, Investment Abroad, Trade Purchases services over the Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region of China.[1][2]

Nenking is the owner of a CBA team called the "Guangzhou Loong Lions", and it is also the title sponsor of Hong Kong "Eastern Sports Club", including "Eastern Football Team" and "Eastern Basketball Team". In 2018, Nenking started stepping in esports, organizing an OWL team for Guangzhou named the "Guangzhou Charge".


Major subsidiaries


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