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In Nepal, some customary units of measurement are still used, although the metric system has been the official standard since 1968.[1]


The kos (kosh, krosh, koss) is a very ancient measure of distance, measuring about 2.25 miles or 3.7 km.[2]


The following is a partial list of everyday units used to calculate land area in Nepal.[3]

The units of measurement of area of land depends on the part of the country where they are being used, with the Bigha-Katha-Dhur measurements common in the Terai region while the Ropani-Aana measurements are common in hilly and mountainous regions.

Terai region

In the Terai region, the southern parts of Nepal, the customary units are those used elsewhere in South Asia:

Conversions for Terai customary units[5]
Unit Divisions In square metres In square feet
Dhur 16.93 square metres 182.25 square feet
Katha 20 Dhur 338.62 square metres 3,645 square feet
Bigha 20 Katha 6772.41 square metres 72,900 square feet
Hilly and mountainous regions

A different system is used in hilly regions:

Conversions for Mountainous customary units[5]
Unit Divisions In square metres In square feet
Dam 1.99 square metres 21.39 square feet
Paisa 4 Dam 7.95 square metres 85.56 square feet
Ana 4 Paisa 31.80 square metres 342.25 square feet
Ropani 16 Aana 508.74 square metres 5476 square feet



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